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Assocham: Ongoing Farmer’s Protest is hampering interconnected economies of Punjab, Haryana and Himachal Pradesh

Urging the government and farmers’ organisations to resolve the impasse over the new agri laws, the Assocham said, the ongoing protests are dealing a big blow to the interconnected economies of the region, including Punjab, Haryana and Himachal Pradesh.

Chintu Das
Farmers Protesting at Delhi Border
Farmers Protesting at Delhi Border

Asking the government and farmer associations to determine the stalemate over the new agri laws, the Assocham stated that the continuous fights is badly hitting the interconnected economies of Punjab, Haryana and Himachal Pradesh. Assocham said that the economies of these states are principally established on agribusiness and horticulture, but few businesses like cotton materials, automobile, food processing, farm apparatus, IT have become their salvation.

Additionally, administration areas including the travel industry, trading and hospitality as well as transport have added to the fortitude of the locales, known for their ambitious farmers, business people and innovators.

Mr. Niranjan Hiranandani, Assocham president said, "The volume of the consolidated economies of Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, Haryana and J&K stands at around Rupees 18 lakh crore. With the continuous farmers disturbance and barricades being put up on the roads, tolls and railroads, the financial activities have completely stopped. Business industries that are mostly catering to the export markets won't be able to conclude their orders, thereby not fulfilling the expectations of the worldwide buyers. Such industries include textiles, bicycles, auto components and sports goods.

An everyday loss of Rupees 3,000 to 3,500 crore is being faced by the interlinked economies because of the problems in the value chain and transport disturbance in view of the farmer protests. Mr. Deepak Sood, secretary-general, Assocham said the supply network disturbances are likewise causing significant damage to the retail costs of different fruits and vegetables grown across the nation as the states are significant producers of these things. "Businesses, farmers and furthermore the buyers are paying the price for the severe interruption in the supply network. Incidentally, these disturbances started when the economy had just begun to overcome from the Covid-19 pandemic effect," Mr. Sood commented.

He stated, as the public authority is in talks with the farmers for mollifying their interests over the new agri laws," we might want to guarantee our farmers that the heart of the industry is based in rural India, where more than 50% of our population dwells. The industry favours the well-being of the farmers who can have confidence that any monetary suggestion from the Agri area would have a predisposition just for farmers".

Recovering from the harsh Covid-19 blow, the Indian economy needs to double down on growth which is possible only with a conducive environment for industrial activities, investment including the foreign direct investment (FDI). The government's commitment to spend a big budget on roads and highways along with rural infrastructure cannot be implemented with the ongoing protests, Assocham said.

Recuperating from the brutal Covid-19 blow, the country's economy needs to grow twice the size of development which is conceivable just with a favorable setting between industry related activities along with FDI's and other investments. Indian government's obligation to spend a major budget on roads and expressways alongside infrastructure related to rural India can't be executed with the progressing protest, Assocham said.

The interrelated states are among the supported destinations for FDI with respect to the IT, automobile, food processing and textile industries. It is extremely necessary of everyone to determine and resolve the issues related to the changes in the farming sector. Changes will assist the individuals of the region to expand their business, as greater venture streams into the sector which needs an innovation and development push.

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