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Ban the Sale of Pesticides in Meghalaya

KJ Staff
KJ Staff

The decline in the population of honeybees is not restricted to Meghalaya. This problem is also being face by Punjab, Kerala, Maharashtra and many other states in the country. Reports suggest that honey bees population is declining across the globe and even in our state due to indiscriminate use of pesticides,” Additional Chief Secretary, KN Kumar said while addressing the during the “World Honeybee Day  2018” which was held at All Saints Hall. Additional Chief Secretary, Kumar has mooted the idea on the need to totally ban the sale of pesticides in Meghalaya to keep a check on the decline of honey bees population in the State.

Making a reference to the decision of the Government to subside the usage of pesticides by the farmers, he said that the Government in the past use to give money to the farmers to buy the pesticide from the vendors.

Kumar further observed that the use of pesticides is not only injurious to the bees, it is only also injurious to the health of human beings.

 “No doubt that Meghalaya is a low pesticide consumption compared to other States in the country. But usage of these pesticides will lead to the decline of honeybees in the State,” Kumar said.

Additional Chief Secretary stated that scientific studies have proved that the use of neonicotinoid insecticides has led to the decline of honey bees, wild bees, and other pollinators.

“It was such a wrong decision. But now we have been able to stop this despite some initial hiccups. But the Government has never banned the sale of pesticide in the private sector,” Additional Chief Secretary observed.

He, however, said that there is a need to stop the sale of pesticides even by the vendors and also ban the sale of all kinds of pesticides.

“Punjab is the state with the highest consumption of pesticides in the country has the highest incidence of cancer. Pesticides usage and consumption is directly correlated to the incidence of cancer. We have to completely ban the sale of pesticides in the country,” Additional Chief Secretary said.

Kumar also suggested the need to have the State Agricultural Research Institution to conduct systematic research on the local problems in the field of agriculture and its allied sectors.

According to the Additional Chief Secretary, an institution like ICAR has never able to solve the problem which is state-specific.

Kumar also suggested the need to establish the Meghalaya Honey Bee Board since honey production can bring such valuable things to the State through valuable foreign exchange.

He further suggested the need to launched the honey bee mission in order to increase the volume of production of honey in the state.

“The Meghalaya Honey Bee Board would be responsible to look after the implementation of the honey bee mission,” Kumar added.

 “We will look to address the issue of the packaging of honey through the proposed honeybee mission,” Lyngdoh said.

While appreciating the suggestion made by the Additional Chief Secretary, Agriculture Minister Banteidor Lyngdoh said that the creation of the Meghalaya Honey Bee Board is very crucial for the growth of honey bee production in the State.

He said that the board would also be tasked with the responsibilities to address the problems faced by the farmers who are involved in bee rearing.

Stating that bee rearing has started to grow in the State, Agriculture Minister however emphasized on the need to improve the packaging of honey products in the State to help the farmers fetch a better price.

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