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Blue Aadhar Card: Who Can Apply for This Unique Aadhar Card

M Kanika
M Kanika
Blue Color Baal Aadhar Card
Blue Color Baal Aadhar Card

Aadhar card is an essential document, which is used in most of the important works. The 12 digit Unique Identification Number, which is issued by the UIDAI has now become one of the most important ID as it contains your demographic & biometric data.

Now, everyone can have their own Aadhar number, including a newborn child. Children’s Aadhar card is called as the Baal Aadhar, but it is different than the elders Aadhar card.

How Child’s Aadhar is Different?

  • The application of children’s Aadhar card (Baal Aadhar card) is done in the same way as the elder’s.

  • You just have to fill in an application form, which is available at the enrollment Centre along with the supporting documents.

  • Date of Birth (DOB), Resident Proof (PO), Relationship Proof (POR) have to be attached.

  • UIDAI accepts 31 types of POIs & 44 POA, 14 POR & 14 DOB documents.

  • The base color is different than that of elders. It is blue in color. 

Interesting & Important Facts about Baal Aadhar Card 

  • A child, below the age of 5 years, will get the blue colored Aadhar and, when the child becomes 5 years old, then that Aadhar card becomes invalid.

  • You can also use your child’s school identity card for his or her Aadhar enrollment.

  • Do not forget to update your child’s biometric Aadhar data at the of 5 years & again at the age of 15 years.

  • The biometric update is mandatory & is free for children’s.

  • For the re-activation, it is extremely important to have a biometric update.

  • To make child’s Aadhar, having your own Aadhar, the birth certificate or the discharge slip from the hospital is enough.

  • Children’s Aadhar card does not require biometric information such as finger prints & iris scans.

  • Once the child crosses 5 years, biometric data needs to be updated.

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