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Breaking News: DJB to Relieve 7 Lakh Consumers of Pending Water Bills, Announces Kejriwal

Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal on Tuesday announced a scheme through which consumers can settle their water-bill arrears in a one-time settlement.

Vivek Singh
Representational Image (Photo Courtesy: @ArvindKejriwal/ Twitter)
Representational Image (Photo Courtesy: @ArvindKejriwal/ Twitter)

In an unprecedented move to alleviate the burden from the shoulders of Delhi residents, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal unveiled a ground-breaking scheme on Tuesday, May 13. The Delhi Jal Board (DJB) will now waive the pending water bills of an astounding 7 lakh consumers, providing them with a fresh start.

With approximately 27.6 lakh domestic consumers registered with the DJB, it has been estimated that 11.7 lakh consumers have accumulated outstanding dues totalling a staggering Rs 5,737 crore. However, with the implementation of the one-time settlement scheme, a significant portion of these arrears will be eliminated.

Upon careful examination of the water bills, the Delhi government discovered that over 7 lakh households were eligible for a remarkable benefit – zero water bills. This extraordinary waiver is due to their consumption falling within the 20 kilolitres per month limit, which had already been exempted by the State government. For the remaining 4.7 lakh consumers, their arrears will be considerably reduced through the implementation of this scheme. The roots of this issue lie in various factors, including the inability to conduct meter readings for numerous households during the pandemic

Additionally, cases of inaccurate meter readings have contributed to incorrect bills being issued, resulting in widespread dissatisfaction. Consequently, a substantial number of households have refrained from paying their bills.

The eagerly awaited scheme has been met with tremendous enthusiasm from the people of Delhi, who have been eagerly anticipating a solution to their accumulating water bills. This ground-breaking decision has been approved by the DJB board and now awaits final clearance from the Delhi Cabinet, paving the way for its implementation.

Under the scheme, new bills will be generated after August 1, providing consumers with a three-month grace period to settle their outstanding dues. However, it is essential for consumers to act promptly and clear the new bills within this timeframe to take advantage of the scheme. Failure to do so will require them to pay the original amounts, forfeiting the benefits provided by the one-time settlement scheme.

This revolutionary initiative by the Delhi government signifies their commitment to the welfare and well-being of their citizens. By waiving the pending water bills of 7 lakh consumers, they aim to alleviate financial burdens and foster a sense of relief among Delhi residents. With the impending implementation of this scheme, Delhiites can look forward to a fresh start and a brighter future.

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