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Good News for Women: Soon You Can Travel Free of Cost in Delhi Metro & Buses

Abha Toppo
Abha Toppo
Delhi CM

Soon woman in the National Capital can travel free of cost on public transport, announced Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on 3rd June 2019, days after his Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) was wiped out in all 7 Lok Sabha seats in the recent general election.

The new initiative, which is yet to be approved by the Centre, will be launched in 3 months, the CM said, adding that it will cost the Delhi government around Rs. 700 crore this year.

He said officials have been given a week time to make a detailed report after which a proposal will be brought in the cabinet. It is important to mention that the Delhi Metro is partly operated by the central government.

Kejriwal explained, "Those who want to purchase tickets are free to do so, they need not take the subsidy. Many women can afford these modes of transport hence those who can afford it, can get tickets and skip subsidy so that others may be benefitted".

He said his government will bear the cost of free rides for females on the Delhi Metro as well as public buses. Kejriwal added "Delhi is the only government that is honest and is spending people’s money on facilities & is still running on profit”.

Delhi CM said, "At present our concern is the safety of women. There are questions concerning the metro, but we will let you know how the plan evolves at every step”.

Delhi metro

The AAP leader mentioned that his government was in touch with the city's power regulator to bring down the fixed charge component of electricity bills.

On this, Delhi BJP Chief Manoj Tiwari said, "Now such announcements will keep coming from the ghoshna mantra (announcement chief minister). Mr. Kejriwal has lost his mental balance”.

Even on Twitter, many people shared their doubts over the Delhi government’s plan. One of the users questioned that what is the logic of free Metro travel? The user said that "Metro is only from one point to another point and we have to take an auto or bus in the night to reach home".

On this Kejriwal said, "It incentivizes women who cannot afford to take the Metro to start using it, which is a safer option for them than using ride sharing, autos or private buses at night."

Kejriwal-led-Aam Aadmi Party, which has been ruling in Delhi since 2015, was badly jolted by the general election result in which it failed to win even 1 of the 7 Lok Sabha seats. BJP retained all the seats, which is a sign that Aam Aadmi Party may be in trouble as Delhi goes for assembly polls in 2020.

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