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CM Eknath Shinde Visits Disaster-Stricken Regions of Maharashtra

Chief Minister Eknath Shinde met farmers suffering because of unseasonal rain in Nashik. His visit comes amidst criticism that he had gone out of the state while many areas of the state faced heavy rain.

Vivek Singh
CM Eknath Shinde
CM Eknath Shinde

Many areas of Nashik are experiencing hailstorms and unseasonal rain for the last couple of days. As a result, it has damaged crops for more than 8,400 hectares. Baglan taluka is the worst affected area with crop loss on 5,600 hectares. CM Shri Eknath Shinde has assured the farmers of the affected region of government help.

State CM Shinde and Nashik guardian minister of Palghar district Dada Bhushe visited Achatwade, Nitane, and Bijote villages of Baglan taluka where natural calamity has damaged grapes, pomegranate, onions, and vegetable crops. 

Baliram Jadhav said that “Pomegranate and onion grown on four acres are destroyed and I urge the government to compensate us.”

Expressing harmony with farmers who faced the major loss of crops and vegetables, CM Shinde directed the district administration to get done with the panchnama of the damaged crops and vegetables. He assured farmers stating that “Our government has raised the compensation against damaged crops and we ensure to provide adequate compensation to farmers. 

A farmer lamented that rain and hailstorm has been damaging grapes since 2019. “I haven’t got any compensation from the state government for the incurred loss. He also added to this words that some farmers have borrowed money to cultivate grapes and now they are struggling to repay it.”

As per the district report, the unseasonal rain during the month of March this year is the highest in the same month in the past eight years. The district (Nashik) received two heavy rainfall spells, the first from 4th March to 8th March and the second from 15th March to 19th March. 

A total of 8,468 hectares of the crop has been damaged due to unseasonal rainfall and hailstorms which includes onions in 5,814 hectares, pomegranates in 773 hectares, grapes in 755 hectares, and vegetables in 513 hectares.

Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis informed that the assessment has been completed for 3,243 hectares and the remaining assessment will be done soon. He also informed that nearly 7,500 farmers have been affected by rain and hail.

In addition to the CM Shinde and Deputy CM Fadnavis statements, Agriculture Minister Abdur Sattar said that the loss of crops due to heavy rainfall and hailstorm will be discussed in the next cabinet meeting.

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