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'Diverse Crop Cycles Can Maximize Profits and Minimize Expenses,' Pragatisheel Kisan Club Enlightens Farmers

During a seminar held by the Pragatisheel Kisan Club, farmers were enlightened about the transformative potential of adopting diverse crop cycles.

Aysha Anam
Representational image
Representational image

Farmers were enlightened about the transformative potential of adopting diverse crop cycles during an event hosted by the Pragatisheel Kisan Club at the prestigious Dhanuka Agritech Research and Technology Center in Sihaul. Eminent personalities including, Ajit Singh Tomar, Deputy Director of Dhanuka Center, and Dr. BS Sehrawat, former director of Horticulture Department, Haryana, attended the event.

During the seminar, farmers were motivated to embrace the cultivation of Maize, Mustard, and Moong to diversify their crop cycles, aiming to maximize profits while minimizing expenses. Ajit Tomar, Deputy Director of Dhanuka Cente, emphasized that the traditional paddy and wheat cycle adversely affected farmers, leading to declining water levels and reduced profitability. Recognizing the urgent need for change, he advocated for adopting Maize, Mustard, and Moong, noting the high demand for maize in Haryana.

The adoption of maize cultivation not only promises increased revenue but also holds the potential to retain state funds by reducing external expenditure. Furthermore, by promoting mustard cultivation, Haryana can prevent the import of edible oil, ensuring self-sufficiency and bolstering the state's economy.

The seminar witnessed the presence of prominent agricultural experts such as Bijendra Dalal, Dr. Mahavir Singh Malik, Dr. Manohar Lal, Jitendra Kumar, Virendra Kumar, Vishwas Vaibhav, Dr. Mohit, and Dr. Bhanu, all of whom shared their valuable insights and expertise in this progressive agricultural discourse.

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