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Drones to Assist Farmers Spray Crops, Reduce Risk of Harmful Toxic Exposure

Ayushi Raina
Ayushi Raina
Farmer holding machine of spraying crop

A group of farmers from Ditauli Village, Meerut watched with high interest as a big flying machine took off. The machine lifted a pesticide tank of 10 liters and sprayed it on the crop in 10 minutes, shocking everyone there.

Agricultural scientists affiliated with the Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel Agriculture University (SVBPAU) demonstrated pesticide spraying with the use of drones in several villages around the district. They recently did a demonstration in Ditauli village, where the drone hoisted a 10-liter pesticide tank and applied it to the crops. The drone completed the task in minutes when it would have taken many days if done manually.

Apart from saving time, the scientists claim that this would reduce the health hazards farmers experience when spraying pesticides owing to chemical toxicity. This will also help to alleviate the labor shortage.

“This method will be beneficial particularly for paddy and sugarcane, where negotiating the way through every nook and cranny of vegetation is not possible and several portions of the crop are left out from the spray,” R S Sengar, agriculture scientist associated with the department of biotechnology, College of Agriculture, SVBPAU, said. The drone costs Rs.6 lakh and can spray pesticides on a single acre of crops in 15 minutes.”

For the supply of drones, a china based company has tied up with the university.

“Utilization of drone technology, will go a long way in attracting youth towards farming “said RK Mittal, Vice Chancellor, SVBPAU.

The drone-based technique will lower the spraying cost almost half as 700ml of pesticide covers one acre under a conventional system, but with the drone, only half of the amount is required, lowering input cost.

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