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Farmers Constructing 'Pucca' Houses near Singhu Border

Prity Barman
Prity Barman
'Pucca' Houses near Singhu Border
'Pucca' Houses near Singhu Border

Farmers have begun constructing 'pucca' houses (permanent structures made of bricks) at the Singhu border to cope with the scorching summer heat on the 106th day of their agitation. If you travel a few kilometers ahead of the protest site at the Singhu border, these houses are easily visible. 

Farmers used to pitch tents in these locations, and now houses are being built in their place. Masons from Punjab have been summoned to build 'pucca' houses out of bricks. 

'On Friday farmer leaders from Punjab discussed building 'pucca' houses at the Singhu border,' said Karamjit Singh, who heads the Samyukta Kisan Morcha's (SKM) media unit. The focus of the meeting was on how to protect border farmers from the scorching summer heat.  

There are currently four houses being constructed near the border, but this number is expected to grow. Many of these dwellings will be two-story. These two-story buildings are being constructed due to a large number of farmers at the border, and if the agitation continues, our plans will need to be strengthened.’ 

Farmers had previously set up plastic tents near the border, allowing them to brave the winter chill while remaining warm. 

Farmers had previously set up plastic tents near the border to brave the winter cold, but with the arrival of summer, staying in these tents would be difficult. Farmers have been forced to build 'pucca' houses at the border due to mosquitoes at night and the scorching sun during the day.

Farmers' plans to build pucca houses show their determination: they will not return to their homes until the government repeals the three farm laws. 

Farmers have been protesting on Delhi's outskirts since November 26 in order to have three agricultural laws passed by the Centre repealed. 

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