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Farmers Protest Update: Supreme Court Hearing on 11 January

The Supreme Court postponed the hearing on Wednesday and said that all the petitions of the farmers will be heard simultaneously on 11 January.

Sangeeta Soni
Farmer Protest

Farmers protest against the new agricultural laws has been going on for more than a month and since then farmers are staying on all the borders of Delhi. Even after eighth round of negotiations between farmers and the central government, no consensus has been reached.  

And in such a situation, everyone’s eye is on the Supreme Court.  

Hearing in Supreme Court on 11 January 

The petitions related to the new farm laws brought by the central government and the demonstration of farmers running on the borders of Delhi will be heard in the Supreme Court on 11 January. The Supreme Court postponed the hearing on Wednesday and said that all the petitions of the farmers will be heard simultaneously on 11 January. 

Supreme Court: We understand the Situation of Farmers 

In the petition, the lawyer has demanded the withdrawal of the three farm laws brought by the central government. While hearing the petition filed on the behalf of lawyer, Supreme Court said, we understand the situation of farmers.  

Protesting farmers threatened to intensify the protesting movement against the agricultural laws. But, due to the bad weather, farmers postponed the tractor march because of the bad weather conditions on Wednesday. Farmers said that they will intensify the movement in the coming days.  

Next Round on 8 January 

All previous rounds of conversation between farmers and Central Government were inconclusive, and next round of will be on 8 January. Farmers’ organizations are still on their demand of complete repeal of the three farm laws, and government wanted to discuss the loopholes of the laws in previous meeting. Now, the next meeting on 8 January will decide.  

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