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Farmers Protest Latest Update: BJP leaders from Punjab meet Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Prity Barman
Prity Barman
Modi ji
Prime Minister Narendra Modi

PM Narendra Modi is aware of all developments related to farmers' unrest against the new farm laws and the issue will soon be resolved, BJP leaders from Punjab announced after Tuesday's meeting with the Prime Minister. 

BJP leaders Surjit Kumar Jyani and Harjit Singh Grewal met with Prime Minister Modi at his residence in the middle of farmers' protest on the Delhi border. 

Jyani chaired the coordination committee of the BJP to engage with farmers in Punjab last year on the three farm bills that were not passed by Parliament at the time. Grewal was a jury member. 

Following a nearly two-hour meeting with Modi, the BJP leaders said the prime minister understands Punjab very well and is worried about farmers,. 

‘Modi knows a great deal... All is going to be settled and something positive will happen. I will not say what happened during the conference, but something positive is going to happen... There are worries that there might be miscarriage when anything is conceived,’ Grewal told  after the conference. 

The prime minister understands Punjab very well, cares for the work of the party and has traveled across the province, he added, adding that all Punjab-related issues were addressed at the meeting. 

Jyani stressed that Prime Minister Modi is worried about farmers and said the government is still prepared to do something in the interests of farmers, but Maoists have joined the (farmers') movement and are not encouraging this issue to be settled (on farm laws).  

Prime Minister Modi is a visionary and cares for farmers.  

Maoist forces have infiltrated the campaign of farmers and do not want the problem to be resolved, he said. When asked about the farm laws, Jyani said that farmers' unions need not be stubborn about their demand to revoke the laws. In the interest of farmers, the government has always been prepared to do anything.  

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