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Golden Opportunity! PUMA is Providing Internship to Students Under ‘Corporate Experience’ Programme

Those who complete this programme will receive a PUMA internship certificate as well as a detailed experience report at the end.

Binita Kumari
PUMA Internship 2022
PUMA Internship 2022

Students between the ages of 15 and 20 can now get internship experience at PUMA. In partnership with Mindler, an ed-tech business, the sports brand has established a "corporate experience" program. 

PUMA Mindler Internship 2022

Those who complete this program will receive a PUMA internship certificate as well as a detailed experience report at the end.

A hybrid structure will be used to provide the month-long corporate experience program. Students can learn subjects at their own pace and at their leisure. Students who want to clarify their understanding can do so by attending live seminars led by industry professionals from Mindler and PUMA, respectively.

"We want to create an eco-system where students get opportunities to understand how corporations run and learn critical skills from industry leaders," said Pratham Sutaria, founder of Immerse, which was recently acquired by Mindler. Our partnership with PUMA will allow students to learn how the company distributes its products and creates advertising campaigns.

"Equipping kids with knowledge in technology-led campaigns at an early age will hold them in good favor," said Vishal Gupta, executive director – retail, PUMA India. PUMA is honored to catalyze nurturing and using the student ecosystem's inherent talent."

"Students have an exclusive invitation to a complimentary orientation session to get a look at the program."

Experts from PUMA and Mindler will lead the discussion. Students can sign up for the orientation session via Mindler's official website.

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