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Gujarat Woman Becomes No. 1 Dairy Farmer, Sells Milk Worth Rs. 1 Crore

A Gujarat woman dairy farmer has become number one in milk business by selling milk worth Rs. 1 crore.

Shipra Singh
Navlaben at her home dairy farm
Navlaben at her home dairy farm

It is said, “where there is a will, there is a way.” Also, age does not matter, if you have a burning desire to do something. A fine example of this has been set by an ambitious 62-year-old lady of Nagana Village, Banaskantha District, Gujarat.

The lady is Navlaben Dhansukhbhai Chowdhary. She earns more than Rs. 1 crore every year through milk business.

This woman dairy farmer has almost brought a revolution in the entire Banaskantha district.

According to reports, Navlaben sold milk worth Rs. 1.20 crore in 2020 and earned Rs. 3.50 lakh every month. With such a massive earning, Navlaben set a record last year.

How Navlaben started her company?

Navlaben started dairy business from her home in 2019. Today, she has 80 buffaloes and 45 cows. She supplies milk to people in her village and nearby villages from her home company.

Navlaben earns more than her sons!

Navlaben has 4 sons.

According to her, the money she earns through her dairy business is more than what all her sons earn together.

She informs that her sons stay in cities. They study and do jobs there.

She also informs that, in 2019, she had sold milk worth Rs. 87 lakhs. She was the only person in the whole of Banaskantha to earn so much from milk business. In 2020, she sold milk worth more than Rs. 1 crore and became the no.1 seller.

Navlaben employs around 15 workers in her home dairy. They are engaged in supplying milk to different areas.

Kudos to Navlaben for believing in herself and not letting age or gender come in the way of her dream of doing business!

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