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Women’s Day 2021: Manya Singh, Autorickshaw Driver’s Daughter Becomes Femina Miss India Runner-Up

Know Women’s Day 2021 success story of Manya Singh, Femina Miss India Runner-Up is the daughter of autorickshaw driver’s daughter.

Shipra Singh
Manya Singh, VLCC Femina Miss India 2020 Runner Up
Manya Singh, VLCC Femina Miss India 2020 Runner Up

Manya Singh is the Runner-Up of VLCC Femina Miss India 2020. So, what’s the big deal, you may ask. Many girls become Miss India, right?  

Well, Manya Singh is the daughter of an autorickshaw driver in Uttar Pradesh.  

Now, this IS a big deal.  

Talk of autorickshaw driver’s family and the first thing that flashes in the mind is a poor family struggling to meet their ends. Talk of their children and you may think of them going to a government school and then taking up some small job. The son may walk in the footsteps of the father and become an autorickshaw driver. The daughter may get married off early.  

This is the general image of an autorickshaw driver’s family, right? 

Can you think of an autorickshaw driver’s daughter becoming Femina Miss India?  

No, we cannot think thanks to our stereotypical view. But this has happened.  

Here’s Manya Singh’s story: 

You need to have a strong background for Miss India. Humare jaise log aise sapne nahi dekhte. (People like us don’t see such dreams)Kabhi aukaat se badhkar sapne nahi dekne chahiye.(One must never dream beyond their standard)”  

This is what Manya’s mom said when she shared her dream of becoming Miss India.  

Manya Singh with her father who is an autorickshaw driver
Manya Singh with her father who is an autorickshaw driver

However, Manya was not somebody to leave her dreams. She left Uttar Pradesh and came to Mumbai. She did odd jobs to survive and juggled between jobs, auditions, and studies. She worked in a call center not only to earn money to survive, but also to gain fluency in her language.  

Her audacity in believing in her dreams and her determination, diligence, and dedication could be seen in the fact that she scored 80% in Class 10th while doing a job at Pizza Hut.  

People remarked on her dusky complexion and discouraged her by saying “you are not the Miss India type” 

She couldn’t afford grooming classes, which is an important part of Miss India training. So, did she drop her dream of becoming Miss India? 

No. Money was an obstacle to her dreams, but she did not deter. She observed other girls and learned grooming!  

“Whatever I am today is because of that observation,” says Manya Singh.  

The following are the words of this audacious lady who refused to confine herself in her “aukaat,” 

When I entered the PI round of Miss India, I told them that I am not just representing UP. I am representing all women. If I am getting this opportunity, I would like to be a role model for women who want to do something big in their life.”  

Manya Singh is an inspiration for all women and men who dream big, but are advised to stay in their “aukaat” by their families. No matter what, where, and who you are at present, you can be whatever, wherever, and whoever you want to be in the future.  

The only thing required is; belief in yourselves.  

Yes, that’s the ONLY thing required. Money, opportunities, education, the right people, breaks, and other such things come only when you believe in yourselves.  

And if you want another fine example of how a person can go beyond their “aukaat” and achieve big, then our Honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi is a similar example. He was a “chai wala.” 

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