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History and Significance of Celebrating Parents' Day

M Kanika
M Kanika
National Parent's Day
National Parent's Day

Where would we be without our parents? If you think about the person, you are today, you would probably agree that lot of this has come your parents. Parents are the ones, who loved us even before we were born. They do so much for us, each and everyday – starting from childhood to adulthood - their love doesn’t end for us.

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Throughout our lives, our parents are there for us, they lead us to be an independent thinker and to develop our own personalities. They are always there to help us achieve our goals. It is important to have a day to honor parents, who do everything in their power to protect us and raise us. This is what the “Parent’s Day” is all about. The day provides us a perfect opportunity to recognize everything that our parents do for us.

History of Parent’s Day

No doubt parents are the greatest gift of nature that we have. There is nothing in the world that comes close to taking their place in our lives. The goal of National Parents Days is to promote responsible parenting & encourage positive reinforcement by the parents for their child. The day also commemorates for the sacrifices of our parents and unparalleled bond of love between parents and a child.  

Ex-US President Bill Clinton had established a holiday in 1994 by signing Congressional Resolution that approved National Parent’s Day by law. The Republican Senator Trent Lott introduced the law, with aim of “Uplifting & supporting the role of parents in rearing of children”.

It makes sense that the National Parent’s Day is celebrated in the month of July, seeing how Mother’s Day & Father’s Day celebrations falls in the month of May & June. The National Parent’s Day observed on fourth Sunday of July every year, with participation from citizens, federal & local governments, educational institutes, organizations and legislative bodies. Activities & events take place to recognize, support and uplift the role of parents in raising their children's.

The Parent’s Day council essentially promote holiday through ceremonies. An example is the “Parent’s of the Year Award” which honors those who have set an outstanding standard for the positive parenthood at the local, state & national levels.  

National Parent's Day
National Parent's Day

How to Celebrate Parent’s Day 

The best way to celebrate Parent’s Day is to spend some quality time with your parents. You can go out for a meal or spend time doing some activity that you all can enjoy together. You can also do some activity or anything from your past that you all enjoyed when you were a child yourself. You don’t have to spend money to buy them something expensive instead you can simply spend some time your parents and make sure that they realize just how much you appreciate them and their presence in your life. 

For the young children, you could do something as simple as doing laundry or task around the house in order to help your parents and allow them to put their feet up for a day. You can make a special video for them and through that video you can show your gratitude towards them. You can also prepare their favorite food. There are many such ways, through which you can make your parent's feel loved & valued. 

Whatever you decide to do on this “Parent’s Day, make sure that your parents feel special & appreciated! 

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