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ICAR-DWR Collaborates with Herbicide Industries to Tackle Weed Management Challenges

The Indian Council of Agricultural Research held an industry meeting to explore public-private partnerships for enhanced research.

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ICAR-DWR Industry Meet
The ICAR-DWR Industry Meet witnessed participation of 32 individuals, including 20 delegates representing various Agro-chemical industries. (Picture Courtesy: dwr.icar.gov.in)

The Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR)-Directorate of Weed Research (DWR), Jabalpur, organised an Industry Meet at the DWR Jabalpur. The event aimed to strengthen collaboration with herbicide industries, fostering innovative solutions to tackle weed-related issues in agriculture.

Exploring Funding Avenues

Dr. J. S. Mishra, Director of ICAR-DWR, underscored the need to explore avenues for securing Corporate Social Responsibility funds. These funds would play a pivotal role in enhancing research and development activities through robust public-private partnerships. The director emphasised the importance of one-to-one interactions between industrial delegates and the institute's leadership to explore various research-based options in collaboration with specific agro-industries.

Dynamic Initiatives Discussed

The interaction between the scientific staff and industrial delegates covered diverse areas, including the development of a dynamic weed map of India. The focus was also on enhancing technical knowledge for farmers, agrochemical dealers, retailers, and other stakeholders. Discussions delved into exploring bio-herbicides, implementing drone-based herbicide applications, and investigating biological control methods for aquatic weeds.

Key Participants and Industry Representation

The Industry Meet witnessed the active participation of 32 individuals, including 20 delegates representing 16 National and Multi-national Agro-chemical industries. The diverse representation underscored the collaborative efforts required to address the complexities of weed management in the agricultural landscape.

Highlighting Collaborative Efforts

Recently, ICAR-VPKAS, Almora, hosted a two-day Agriculture Industry Stakeholders Regional Consultation Meet on January 30-31, 2024. The event, inaugurated by Prof Satpal Singh Bisht, Vice-Chancellor of SSJ University, Almora, aimed at bridging the gap between technology development and farmers.

Notable Figures and Showcased Technologies

The ICAR-VPKAS regional consultation meeting featured distinguished figures such as Dr Praveen Malik, CEO of Agrinnovate India Ltd, and Dr Lakshmi Kant, the institute's Director. The emphasis was on collaborative efforts, showcasing technologies developed by ICAR Institutes. The event highlighted the integral connection between agriculture and animal husbandry, emphasising the need for joint endeavors to propel the agricultural sector forward.

These meets signify a concerted effort to bring together scientific expertise and industrial innovation, fostering collaborations that are crucial for addressing the intricate challenges in agriculture. The emphasis on public-private partnerships and collaborative initiatives is expected to yield innovative solutions, propelling the agricultural sector into a future of sustainable and effective weed management practices.

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