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IIT Mandi Start-up Uses Green Tech To Create Useable Products From Steel Mill Waste

Satinder Nath Gupta and his son Sandeep Gupta founded Green Trek, a Jammu and Kashmir-based start-up that employs extractive metallurgy to combat pollution.

Shivani Meena
IIT Mandi
IIT Mandi

Mandi, a start-up incubated by the Indian Institute of Technology, is converting waste from steel mills into usable products using green technology that requires no energy, no power, or furnace, and is fully pollution-free.

Steel mills produce a large quantity of trash, most of which is disposed of in landfills, polluting the environment.  Satinder Nath Gupta and his son Sandeep Gupta founded Green Trek, a Jammu and Kashmir-based start-up that employs extractive metallurgy to combat pollution.

The team, according to officials, employs clean combustion procedures to trim the waste into a high-iron metal that can subsequently be reused by industries such as shipbuilding, stone crushing facilities, oil and gas plants, and power plants.

"By utilizing extractive metallurgy, we are focusing on a circular economy model in which greenhouse emissions are decreased and a sustainable waste management process is performed," Sandeep told PTI.

"We invented a process that consumes less energy, requires no power or a furnace, is pollution-free, and produces minimum greenhouse emissions."

"The end product is a molten meal with a 99.6% iron content, which is then blended with other metals to produce a variety of high-value steel and alloy castings used in a variety of industries," he explained. Green Trek's mission is to develop high-quality green steel products while also pioneering solid waste management in India and worldwide.

The team signed a memorandum of understanding to establish a permanent plant in Himachal Pradesh to serve top firms such as Ultratech, ACC, and Ambuja Cement.

"This MoU aims to help Green Trek establish up a green steel recycling unit to supply parts to local heavy industries like cement plants and stone crushers while reducing greenhouse gas emissions through its innovative manufacturing method. In this context, the government would expedite the necessary approvals, permits, and assistance to green trek as needed "Sandeep went on to say.

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