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IMD Predicts a Delay in the Arrival of Monsoon in Kerala, Dry Spells Continue in THESE States

The IMD has previously predicted that the southwest monsoon would hit the Kerala coast on May 27. It could be moved forward or back four days.

Binita Kumari
IMD Predicts a Delay in the Arrival of Monsoon in Kerala, Dry Spells Continue in These States
IMD Predicts a Delay in the Arrival of Monsoon in Kerala, Dry Spells Continue in These States

The arrival of the monsoon in Kerala is likely to be delayed by a few days, according to the India Meteorological Department (IMD). It is now expected to arrive by June 1. The Kerala coast is expected to be battered by the southwest monsoon by May 27, according to the weather service. It could be moved forward or back four days.

"We haven't given any prognosis for monsoon arrival yet," IMD director general M Mohapatra said. "We had stated monsoon arrival is expected to be on May 27 with a +/-4-day error margin," he continued.

The monsoon, which has already reached the Andaman Islands, is expected to continue farther southwest into the Arabian Sea, according to the IMD. Only if the winds gather constancy and strength, according to meteorologists, will circumstances for the monsoon to arrive in Kerala become favorable.

With such favorable circumstances yet to materialize in the region, the onset of monsoon may be further delayed. Meanwhile, the IMD has lifted a yellow notice for several districts until May 29. However, rain and thundershowers, as well as high gusts, are possible in isolated areas throughout this time.

During the next 48 hours, the Southwest Monsoon is expected to move across some parts of the Southwest Arabian Sea, more sections of the Southeast Arabian Sea, the Maldives and Comorin area, and the South and East-Central Bay of Bengal, and some parts of the Northeast Bay of Bengal.

Monsoon in Gujarat and Rajasthan:

During this pre-monsoon season, the Gujarat region, as well as Saurashtra and Kutch, are both suffering from a severe lack of rain. Gujarat has a 99 percent deficiency, whereas Saurashtra and Kutch have a 97 percent deficiency. In other words, the weather in Gujarat stayed practically dry throughout the pre-monsoon season.

In Rajasthan, East Rajasthan experienced a few good pre-monsoon precipitation spells. As a result, with 32 percent less rain, it falls into the insufficient rain category. West Rajasthan, on the other hand, remained dry with only sporadic light rain, and it is severely rain-deficient, with a 71 percent deficit.

Rajasthan's weather will likewise be dry. However, there may be isolated heat waves in the state's western regions.

Dry winds from the west and northwest will continue to blow over Rajasthan, causing temperatures to gradually rise. Over Punjab, Haryana, and Uttar Pradesh, the east-west trough will continue to oscillate. It is not going to migrate south. As a result, of the lack of moisture, Rajasthan's weather will remain dry.

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