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Kerala's Water Resources Department to Introduce Irrigation Tourism

The Irrigation department is currently investigating ways to fully leverage the tourist appeal of the dam sites under its management. The goal is to establish "Irrigation tourism" as a recognized brand.

Shivam Dwivedi
Kerala's Water Resources Department to Introduce Irrigation Tourism
Kerala's Water Resources Department to Introduce Irrigation Tourism

To achieve this, the department has designated the Kerala Irrigation Infrastructure Development Corporation (KIIDC) as the lead implementing agency.

Augustine attended several occasions in the district and made an announcement that a novel project would be launched. He stated that the project would combine water conservation activities with tourism. The Minister also mentioned that various department sites across the state would be utilized for the project.

Additionally, Augustine informed the public that the irrigation canals for the Banasura Sagar dam, which happens to be the largest earthen dam in the country, would be partially completed by the end of 2025. He further added that if needed, more appointments would be made to ensure the project is completed on time.

The goal of ecotourism is to combine the thrill of travel with a conscious effort to support and conserve such areas. It is about preserving local traditions and mitigating the negative effects of tourism.

According to Augustine, the Water Resource Department will prioritize creating a more people-friendly approach, and ensure full support towards the implementation of the Padinharethara-Poozhithodu route. This proposed alternative route aims to replace the Thamarassery ghat segment of the Kozhikode-Kollegal National Highway 766.

The Minister dedicated a check dam across the Kalindhi River at Koombarakkuni, near Thirunelly, as well as an extra sub-division office for the Banasura Sagar project. The events were presided over by O.R. Kelu MLA.

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