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Kisan Andolan Update: Farmers’ Organization & Central Government Meeting Today

Here are some important highlights before today's decisive meeting between farmers' organizations and the Central Government.

Sangeeta Soni
Farmer Protest
Kisan Andolan

Today, on 4th January, Farmers’ Organization and Central government will meet for another round of talks. It must be noted that farmers have been protesting against Centre’s three farm bills since last 38 days.

Here are some highlights before today is meeting.  

Rajasthan CM Ashok Gehlot 

Even through the next round of the meeting is scheduled for today, Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot on Sunday said that the Central government is thoughtless about the farmers and just passing time thinking that farmers will be tired of the protest and will lie down.  

Gehlot said, “Around 39 days have passed since the farmers have been fighting at the borders of Delhi in winter. One can understand what they are going through.” He also mentioned that, the government thinks only Haryana Punjab farmers are protesting, but farmers from all over the country, about 6.5 lakh villages’ farmers are standing with them.  

Haryana Police uses Tear Gas to Prevent Farmers from Moving towards Delhi 

On Sunday, Haryana Police fired tear gas cylinders to stop the group of agitating farmers moving towards Delhi. Farmers broke police barriers near Bhudla Sangwari village, and started to move towards Delhi. And when the farmers reached Masani Barrage, there too barricades were put up, but farmers didn’t stop, then police used teargas to disseminate them.  

First Time such an arrogant Government in Power, said Sonia Gandhi 

Congress President, Sonia Gandhi did a scratch attack on the Central Government. She said, “it is first time ever after the independence that such an arrogant government has come into power. And this government can’t even see the trouble of our Annadatas.” She said, “Government leaders who ignore public interests and their sentiments in a democratic country can’t govern for so long. Modi government should leave the arrogance suddenly and withdraw the three black laws.” Sonia said, “This is the Rajdharma and a true tribute to the farmers who have lost their lives.” 

Farmers Leaders said, we will Burn the Copies of New Farm Laws on Lohri 

On Sunday, leaders of farmers’ organizations protesting on Singhu borders said, “We will burn the copies of newly introduced Farm Laws in the celebration of Lohri on 13th January.” And not only this, they also said that, on 23rd January, they will observe the birth anniversary of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose as ‘Azad Kisan Diwas’. Farmers’ leader Manjeet Singh Rai also urged people to hold protests in support of farmers across the Country from 6th January to 20th January.  

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