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Know the Indian Descent Man Who Risked His Life for Coronavirus Vaccine - Deepak Paliwal

Vivek Verma
Vivek Verma
covid-19 vaccine
covid-19 vaccine

This is a tough time as the world is facing Coronavirus Pandemic. Deepak Paliwal, an Indian descent man & a UK citizen decided to do his bit for the development of COVID-19 vaccine. Second thoughts never crossed Deepak’s mind when he decided to volunteer for the human trial for Coronavirus vaccine which was led by Oxford University.

In an interview, Deepak said that he was looking for ways about how to contribute to the global fight, which the whole world is fighting against Coronavirus pandemic. He then decided to enroll as a volunteer for the human trial of the vaccine. He said that his brain may not be put to use but his body can contribute.

Deepak learnt about the trial on April 16th. On April 26th he visited one of the five centers in London for his preliminary checkup & screening. He only informed his wife & close friends about this decision & his wife did not support his decision initially.

Deepak said that his friends played a huge role in convincing & supporting him. During the course of vaccine trial, he was informed about various dangers that he could face such as the possibility of collapsing or suffering with organ failure. He also read a report about a volunteer dying amid the trials.

Deepak, who is 42 years old hails from Jaipur, Rajasthan & lives with his wife in London, United Kingdom. His family welcomed his move after his successful trial but his wife swore to not let him go through with anything like this again.

Deepak Paliwal

Meanwhile, at Oxford University, experts are continuously conducting trials on thousands of other volunteers to quickly come up with Coronavirus vaccine.

Deepak & many others like him,with their contributions are really helping researchers & scientists to bring them one step closer to a potential COVID-19 vaccine. Since its outbreak in Wuhan, China, Coronavirus has infected over 12 million people globally while more than 5 lakh people have lost their lives to this virus.

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