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LPG: Now Gas Cylinders can be Booked Easily through WhatsApp, Check Booking Number and Process Here

Indane has announced that it has provided a new number via SMS to the registered mobile number of customers to book a Gas Refill. So it's important for the LPG customers to know all the new procedures of gas refill and booking new cylinders.

Pronami Chetia

From November 1, the delivery and the way of booking LPG cylinders has changed across the nation. Moreover, the phone number, which was used by Indane customers to book LPG cylinders, has also changed. Recently, Indane has announced that it has provided a new number via SMS to the registered mobile number of customers to book a Gas Refill. So it's important for the LPG customers to know all the new procedures of gas refill and booking new cylinders. In addition, from now onwards, you can also book your cylinders through Whatsapp.

Let's know about all the important information in details.

What are the five different ways to book LPG gas cylinder?

  1. By speaking to a gas agency or distributor

  2. By calling at given mobile number

  3. Online booking by visiting the website https://iocl.com/Products/Indanegas.aspx

  4. By sending a text on the company's WhatsApp number

  5. By downloading the app of Indane

How to Book Indane Gas Cylinder via Whatsapp?

If you are a customer of Indane, you can book gas by calling the new number 7718955555. Booking can also be done on WhatsApp.

Type REFILL on WhatsApp Messenger and send it to 7588888824. You have to send this message from the registered mobile number only.

Delivery Authentication Code will be taken

Here you need to remember one more thing. You need to keep in mind Delivery Authentication Code (DAC). Delivery using an OTP has been termed as Delivery Authentication Code (DAC). Oil companies will first start DAC in 100 smart cities. The code is sent to the registered mobile number of the customer after booking the cylinder. The delivery of the cylinder will be completed only after sharing the OTP with the delivery person. Until this code shared, the delivery will not be completed and the status will remain in the pending.

How to Update mobile number in 2 minutes?

If your mobile number is not updated yet, the delivery person will also be able to update it real-time through an app and generate a code. Here, you can update your mobile number through the delivery boy at the time of delivery with the help of that app. The mobile number will be updated on a real-time basis through the app. After this, there will be a facility to generate code from the same number.

Incorrect information can stop cylinder delivery

Delivery of the gas cylinders may be stopped due to incorrect information. First it will be applicable to 100 cities. After 100 smart cities, this will be applicable in other cities also. This system will not work for commercial cylinders.

The government gives subsidy on Gas Cylinders

The government subsidizes 12 cylinders of 14.2 kg for every household in a year. If customers want to take more cylinders than this, then they buy them at the market price. The price of a gas cylinder varies every month. Its price is determined by the average international benchmark and changes in foreign exchange rates.

How to Check LPG Subsidy Status?

Many complaints have surfaced that the gas subsidy has been transferred to another account. In such a situation, it is important to know whether the regular subsidy is coming in your account or not. There is no need to go to the bank to know that the subsidy has been credited to the bank account. Even sitting at home, it can be ascertained whether the amount has been transferred or not. For this, some steps have to be followed. It can be detected through your mobile.

Follow These Steps to Know Subsidy Status

First, go to Mylpg.in website.

The home page of the website will have a tab (with picture) of three LPG cylinder companies. You have to select your company (whose cylinder is taken). If you take a cylinder of Indane gas, click on its tab. A new interface will open to check whether subsidy came. Go to the bar menu and click on 'Give your feedback online'. Fill your mobile number, LPG consumer ID, state name, distributor information.

After this, click on 'Feedback Type'. Select the 'Complaint' option and click the 'Next' button. Your bank details will be revealed in the new interface. Details will find out whether the subsidy amount came into the account or not. 

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