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Millionaire Farmer of India Awards: Inspiring Women Agripreneurs Shine at Day 2

Millionaire Farmer of India Awards Day 2 spotlights Women Agripreneurs, applauding their resilience and innovative contributions to agricultural prosperity.

Shivangi Rai
Women Agripreneurs unfolded spotlight on MFOI Awards 2023.
Women Agripreneurs unfolded spotlight on MFOI Awards 2023.

The second day of the Millionaire Farmer of India Awards Session I unfolded with a spotlight on Women Agripreneurs in a celebration of resilience, innovation, and dedication, and their outstanding contributions to boosting prosperity in the agricultural sector.

Suman Sharma commenced the session with a warm welcome address.
Suman Sharma commenced the session with a warm welcome address.

Prominent figures and experts graced the session with a warm welcome address by Suman Sharma, setting the tone for a day filled with inspiration and recognition.

Suman Sharma, a progressive farmer from Rajasthan highlighted her commitment to sustainable and efficient farming practices that contribute significantly to agricultural prosperity and inspired the women agripreneurs how she started her agribusiness with gooseberry 'amla' and gooseberry 'amla' products. She explained how one can expand their business with various amla products like amla powder, amla juice, and other such products.

In short, she wanted to inform the women farmers that they could keep all commodities for a longer period by converting them into powdered form. "Farmers can also dry up garlic and make a powder to store for a longer period," she said.

Among the esteemed panel, Komal Shah, Director of SML Limited, enlightened the crowd on how climate change is impacting agriculture, accounting for approximately 23 percent of greenhouse gas emissions. She emphasized the importance of sustainable agriculture practices in mitigating these effects, showcasing how innovation and eco-friendly approaches are crucial for the sector's resilience and long-term sustainability and empowering women in agriculture for 20 years.

One of the women farmers named Sunita elaborated on how she studied worms and practiced agriculture without pesticides and fertilizers for the last 10 years. She was also a part of a group in their village dedicated to studying worms, its different stages of growth and varieties.

In addition to this, Simrit Kaur, Principal of Shriram College of Commerce, University of Delhi provided valuable academic perspectives, emphasizing the role of education in nurturing the next generation of women agripreneurs and leaders in the field of agriculture. Also, she shed light on how production can be augmented, organic fertilizers and financial assistance will help them grow.

The session was marked by engaging discussions, success stories, and the acknowledgments of the challenges faced and overcome by women agripreneurs. The Millionaire Farmer of India Awards underscored the need for continued support, recognition, and encouragement to ensure the sustained growth of women in agriculture.

As the event concluded, attendees left inspired by the remarkable achievements of these women agripreneurs, recognizing their pivotal role in transforming the agricultural landscape and contributing to the nation's prosperity. The Millionaire Farmer of India Awards continues to be a beacon of hope and motivation, encouraging the pursuit of excellence in the agricultural sector.

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