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Ministry of Agriculture Unveils Third Advance Estimate for Horticulture Crops 2022-23

The Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers’ Welfare has unveiled the third advance estimate of the area and production of various horticultural crops for the fiscal year 2022-23.

Shivam Dwivedi
Ministry of Agriculture Unveils Releases 3rd Advance Estimate for 2022-23, Credits Farmers, Scientists, and Pro-Farmer Policies (Photo Source: Pexels)
Ministry of Agriculture Unveils Releases 3rd Advance Estimate for 2022-23, Credits Farmers, Scientists, and Pro-Farmer Policies (Photo Source: Pexels)

The results indicate a remarkable increase in total horticulture production, reaching 355.25 million tonnes, showcasing a notable uptick of 2.32 percent compared to the final figures of 2021-22, which stood at 347.18 million tonnes. Union Agriculture and Farmers’ Welfare Minister, Arjun Munda, attributed this consistent surge in horticulture production to the collective efforts of the farming community, scientists, and the agriculture-friendly policies implemented by the central government under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Breakdown of Horticultural Crops


The third advance estimate predicts a substantial increase in fruit production, rising to 109.53 million tonnes in 2022-23 from 107.51 million tonnes in the preceding year.


Similarly, the production of vegetables is expected to reach 213.88 million tonnes in 2022-23, compared to 209.14 million tonnes in 2021-22, marking a positive growth trajectory.

Plantation Crops

The estimate reveals a commendable growth in the production of plantation crops, with an anticipated increase to 16.84 million tonnes in 2022-23 from 15.76 million tonnes in 2021-22, reflecting a remarkable increase of about 6.80 percent.

Potato and Tomato Production

Notable increases are also anticipated in the production of specific crops. Potato production is projected to reach 60.22 million tonnes, up from 56.18 million tonnes in 2021-22, while tomato production is expected to be 20.37 million tonnes, slightly lower than the previous year's figure of 20.69 million tonnes.

Overall Statistics

The table below presents a summary of the horticulture statistics for the years 2021-22 (final), 2022-23 (second advance estimate), and 2022-23 (third advance estimate):


2021-22 (Final)

2022-23 (Second Advance Estimate)

2022-23 (Third Advance Estimate)

Area (in million hectares)




Production (in million tonnes)





These estimations underscore the robust growth and resilience of the horticulture sector, contributing significantly to India's agricultural landscape. The government's continuous support and farmer-centric policies have played a pivotal role in achieving this milestone, setting a positive tone for the future of the country's agriculture.

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