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Mithilesh Desai Becomes CIH's Brand Ambassador for India, CIH Partners With 'Jackfruit King of India' Mithilesh Desai For Circular Economy Ecosystem

The Circular Economy Innovation Hub (CIH) in London has teamed up with Mithilesh Desai, renowned as the 'Jackfruit King of India,' to champion sustainability and circular economy efforts in India. Desai is now CIH's Brand Ambassador for India, with a focus on promoting sustainable agriculture and improving farmers' welfare.

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CIH Partners With 'Jackfruit King of India' Mithilesh Desai (Photo Courtesy: Krishi Jagran)
CIH Partners With 'Jackfruit King of India' Mithilesh Desai (Photo Courtesy: Krishi Jagran)

The Circular Economy Innovation Hub (CIH), based in London and dedicated to advancing sustainability and circular economy initiatives, has partnered with Mithilesh Desai, known as the 'Jackfruit King of India,' to promote a Circular Economy Ecosystem in India. Mithilesh Desai is now CIH's Brand Ambassador for India, focusing on sustainable agriculture and farmers' well-being. Their first pilot project in Ratnagiri aims to benefit over 1,000 farmers and advance circular and eco-conscious farming practices. This partnership signifies a significant step towards a more environmentally conscious agricultural landscape in India.

Mithilesh Desai's impressive work in cultivating 86 diverse jackfruit varieties has gained global recognition, with his recent 'Agriculture Pride Award' from the Maharashtra State Government highlighting his significant contribution to sustainable agriculture. His dedication aligns well with CIH's mission to promote sustainability through partnerships.

The partnership between CIH and Mithilesh Desai aims to revolutionize farming practices in multiple Indian states, starting with Maharashtra, by integrating circular economy principles. Their collaboration focuses on transformative projects involving jackfruit, cashew, mango, and other fruits and vegetables, with the ultimate goal of improving the well-being of farming communities.

One notable aspect of this collaboration is the establishment of a local hub in Ratnagiri, dedicated to pioneering the production of ethanol from agricultural residues. This innovative initiative not only addresses waste management challenges but also supports India's quest for sustainable biofuel options, aligning well with global climate resilience objectives.

Joel Michael, the Founder of Circularity Innovation Hub, stressed the importance of this collaboration, describing it as a symbol of their steadfast commitment to transforming agricultural practices in India to align with sustainability goals. This partnership serves as a bridge connecting farmers with global agricultural advancements, and through circular economy models, they aim to improve farmers' livelihoods while minimizing environmental impact.

Mithilesh Desai, who is a farmer himself, recognizes the challenges rural farmers in India face due to limited access to farming technologies. The partnership with CIH aims to address these issues by implementing a five-year plan that focuses on increasing crop yields and producing flex-fuel or bio-fuel through recycling. Their goals go beyond sustainable farming to improve farmers' well-being and promote environmental balance. Together, CIH and Mithilesh Desai form a powerful alliance poised to introduce innovative solutions that revolutionize traditional agricultural practices in line with circular economy principles.

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