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Most Popular Work from Home Ideas: Start These Profitable Online Business Projects & Earn EXTRA

Tooba Maher
Tooba Maher
Online Business
Online Business

Work from home: Want to earn money from home? If yes, then we have 5 business online projects for you. You have the option of starting these online businesses or simply choose these projects as side business options to earn extra money just by sitting at home. The most interesting part is one can easily earn from Rs 20,000- Rs 30,000 every month by starting these Profitable Online Business Projects.

Most Profitable Online Business Projects to Earn Extra Income

1. Personal Finance Advisor

The best part of this work is that you can do it from anywhere. You only need a computer to work. The work of Personal Finance Advisor includes- opening your office to working on a project basis for companies. You must have good communication skills as in this, you have to meet the client, travel and attend the conference. You can add up your income by giving financial advice to clients. For this, some financial firms are working online. You can earn up to Rs 27,000 per month.


For joining the company or starting your business, you should have a professional degree and good creative skills.

2. Online Accountant

You can open your office and then tie up with companies and handle their accounts. However, one can also start working at home and manage a company's account online. By this, you can earn from Rs 15,000 - 20,000 per month.


You must some knowledge about accounting software. Many accounting software is available online. You can take help from there.

3. Graphic Designer Job

Graphic designers are in good demand in many media houses, film and ad agencies. You can start doing freelance work here, according to the project. You can earn from Rs 10,000 – 18,000 as per the project.


You should know the software related to graphic designing and the latest software. Only through creative skills can you grow your business.

4. Application Software Developer Work

The work of new apps and software developers is in huge demand nowadays. As, phones, computers, laptops, tabs of new features are continuously being launched. You can earn money through online app development as well. There are some companies which offer such projects. You can earn from Rs 20 - 30 thousand in a month by doing so.


You must have creative skills, new software development ideas, new application design, programs, and features.

5. Market Research Analyst

There is good demand of Market Research Analyst in the corporate sector. You can do this work as a business or online by tying up with a company. You have to give data by knowing the opinion of the customers in the company's product, quality and rate. Interestingly, you can also make it your part time business and earn extra income. You can take projects from companies and get them done by yourself or employees.


By doing research in this, the company has to give data & feedback of customers. You can earn from Rs 20 - 30 in a month.

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