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MS Dhoni likely to become Model Ambassador of Jharkhand Agriculture

MS Dhoni is expected to become the model ambassador for Jharkhand Agriculture, according to sources. Since retiring from international cricket, Dhoni had already taken up farming in his Ranchi farmhouse.

Chintu Das
M S Dhoni
M S Dhoni

MS Dhoni, the iconic Indian cricketer, is set to become the model ambassador for Jharkhand's agriculture, in what may be yet another new role for him. According to sources, the Division of Agriculture is eager and willing to make Dhoni the model ambassador for Jharkhand agriculture.

With his all-round heroics as a national cricketer from 2004 to 2020, Dhoni has put Jharkhand on the map. He has also taken an interest in farming (growing organic fruits and vegetables on almost a 10-acre plot of land in his 43-acre farmhouse in Ranchi). The 39-year-old has played numerous roles for India, including wicketkeeper, finisher, and captain, and is now regarded as a role model for farmers in his home state.

Following the conclusion of a review meeting with officials, State Agriculture Minister Badal Patralekh told journalists that his department will meet with Dhoni soon and present him with a plan. “Because the former cricket captain was born and raised in Jharkhand, the State has jurisdiction over him. According to a story in Indian Express, the minister said, "We want Dhoni to become the brand ambassador of our agricultural products because he is loyal to the State."

According to Patralekh, Dhoni's entry into the agricultural sector would be a huge move forward and a source of inspiration for young people, demonstrating that even trained people can choose agriculture as a career.

“It is truly commendable that Mahendra Singh Dhoni, considering his education and achievements, chose farming as his post-retirement career. Dhoni, who is a national hero and a source of pride for the state, might have easily chosen a different career path, but he preferred farming,” said the minister. He went on to say, "This reveals how dedicated he is to his home town."

Though it remains to be seen if the bid is accepted, Dhoni will return to the cricket field after a five-month absence in the IPL 2021 edition. The new season begins on Friday, April 9 (Friday), with Chennai Super Kings (CSK) taking on Delhi Capitals (DC) in Mumbai on Saturday, April 10.

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