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NABARD to Host State Credit Seminar in Rajasthan for FY 2024-25

NABARD’s State Credit Seminar promises to be a pivotal event, laying the groundwork for sustainable agricultural and rural development in Rajasthan.

Shivam Dwivedi
NABARD to Host State Credit Seminar in Rajasthan for FY 2024-25
NABARD to Host State Credit Seminar in Rajasthan for FY 2024-25

The National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD) is set to conduct the State Credit Seminar for the fiscal year 2024-25 in Rajasthan on March 5, 2024. The event will take place at Hotel Lalit, Jaipur, under the chairmanship of the Additional Chief Secretary (Finance), Akhil Arora. NABARD's Rajasthan Regional Office, led by Chief General Manager Dr. Rajiv Siwach, will organize the seminar in the esteemed presence of key dignitaries, including ACS (PWD), Regional Director of RBI, Convenor SLBC, and Secretary-Cooperation.

The highlight of the seminar will be the launching of the State Focus Paper, prepared by NABARD for the fiscal year 2024-25. This document serves as a comprehensive consolidation of exploitable district-level credit potentials across various sectors of the rural economy.

It draws insights from the respective district Potential Linked Plans (PLP), assessing credit potential in alignment with the policies and priorities of the Government of India, State Government, Reserve Bank of India, and NABARD. The State Focus Paper aims to streamline the direction and intensity of institutional credit flow at the grassroots level.

In the preceding fiscal year 2023-24, NABARD had set an ambitious target for loan disbursement amounting to Rs. 21,707 crore in Rajasthan. Additionally, a target of Rs. 42.29 crore was earmarked for grant disbursement to support various farm and off-farm sector developmental initiatives in the state.

Diverse Initiatives by NABARD

NABARD has been actively involved in promoting a spectrum of initiatives in Rajasthan, including skill development programs, establishment of wadis and watersheds, promotion of farmer producer organizations, and off-farm producer organizations. Other noteworthy activities include the setup of rural marts and haats, conduct of financial and digital literacy awareness programs, and technological upgradation of Cooperative Banks and Regional Rural Banks.

The upcoming seminar will provide a platform for a detailed discussion on the initiatives undertaken by NABARD in the last fiscal year and the ongoing year. Furthermore, projections for the next financial year will be presented, offering stakeholders valuable insights into the direction of NABARD's efforts in Rajasthan.

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