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PAU Offers Training to Rural Youth in Organic Farming

Rural youth underwent a 5-day organic farming training to promote it as a side occupation, covering Integrated Farming System benefits and pesticide-free vegetable production.

Shivangi Rai
PAU trains rural youth in organic farming. (Image Courtesy- Fb/PAU)
PAU trains rural youth in organic farming. (Image Courtesy- Fb/PAU)

Punjab Agricultural University's Skill Development Centre efficiently arranged a detailed five-day training session on organic farming. This event saw the enthusiastic participation of thirty-two young individuals from rural backgrounds.

The primary aim of the program, as highlighted by Dr Rupinder Kaur, Associate Director of Skill Development, was to enhance the participants' understanding and proficiency in the realm of organic farming, empowering them to embrace it as a supplementary vocation.

Dr SS Walia, the Director of the School of Organic Farming, explained the advantages of organic cultivation during the training. He introduced the concept of the Integrated Farming System (IFS) model, specially tailored to cater to the needs of small and marginal farmers.

This innovative model amalgamates diverse elements such as crops, livestock, aquaculture, agro-forestry, and agri-horticulture, resulting in not only economic benefits but also a sustainable farming approach.

Highlighting the significance of this training, Dr Prerna Kapila, the Course Coordinator, emphasized the pivotal role of pesticide-free vegetable production in safeguarding the well-being of humanity. The course served as a platform for the participants to delve into the techniques and practices of organic farming while grasping the importance of environmentally friendly and health-conscious agricultural methods.

In conclusion, the Skill Development Centre of Punjab Agricultural University orchestrated an insightful training initiative, equipping thirty-two rural youths with the knowledge and skills vital for successful organic farming. Through this endeavour, the participants were exposed to the advantages of the Integrated Farming System model and the imperative need for pesticide-free vegetable cultivation to ensure the overall welfare of mankind.

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