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Potato Milk: A New Vegan Dairy Alternative now Available on Amazon

Ayushi Raina
Ayushi Raina

A new kind of vegan milk has come to the European market and is being manufactured from some pretty weird sources.  This source is none other than, a vegetable present in all of our kitchens - potato. Founded by its parent company Veg of Lund in collaboration with Professor Eva Tornberg of Lund University, the Swedish milk brand DUG is now available in the United Kingdom on Amazon in original, sugar-free and barista flavors following its domestic retail debut.

What is Potato Milk?

According to Totally Vegan Buzz report, potato milk is rich in vitamins, including B12. It also contains pea protein, canola oil, and chicory fiber. This new milk is gluten free, soy-free and sugar free and it was specially created to be versatile enough to be used in baking and cooking. Since the DUG foam is similar to dairy and it is an excellent substitute for latte. DUG's use of potatoes as its main ingredient also provides incredible sustainability figures. It requires half the surface and 56 times less water than oats or almonds, two of the most widely used crops for plant- based milk production.

The majority of milk substitutes today are made with almonds, oats or soy, but DUG is one of the few potato-based dairy products.  According to reports, DUG potato milk is creamy and frothy, making it a diversified choice. It is now available in Sweden and the United Kingdom. 

It was first launched in Sweden in May and is now available for purchase in Europe through Amazon. According to Totally Vegan Buzz, DUG potato milk recently won the Best Allergy Friendly Product category at the 2021 World Food Innovation Awards.

Thomas Olander, CEO of Veg of Lund, said “that they have a good product and are very proud of it. In addition, he claimed that because they use potatoes as a base, they have a truly sustainable drink. Unlike oats, almonds and soybeans, potatoes require very little amount of water for making them a sustainable crop.”

The first brand to launch potato milk

DUG is not the first vegan potato milk on the market. Vegan brand Veggemo launched its milk in Canada in 2015, made from a combination of potato, cassava root and pea protein. Before closing, the brand was distributed in Canada, the United States and China.

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