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Ramadan 2021: Know When the Holy Fasting Will Start and End This Year

When Ramadan will start, and when people can celebrate Id -Ul-Fitr 2021?

Swati Sharma

Ramadan, also known as Ramazan, is the holiest month in the Islamic calendar. Muslims across the world keep Ramadan fast from sunrise to sunset. Muslims wait for this time of the year and follow discipline and extend their help to the needy people. Ramadan celebrations were spoiled last year because of Covid pandemic and lockdown situations all over the world. People were restricted to not move out of their houses. Although restrictions have been relaxed, the second wave has again knocked the doors of celebration this time too. 

Ramadan started when teachings of the Holy Quran to Prophet Mohammad have disclosed as per Islamic religion. The Fast duration is 29-30 days that starts from the first sighting of the moon crescent to the other before it comes to a head-on Id-Ul-Fitar.

The first day of Ramadan decides upon the sighting of the new moon in Islamic Calendar. 

In other parts like Egypt, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates, the day is generally decided upon the sighting of the new moon of Saudi Arabia. The sighting of the new moon depends upon the atmospheric conditions, cloudiness, and the distance between the sun and the moon on the horizon. Because of the moon's position, the first day and Id-Ul-Fitr celebration vary at different places by a day or two. 

There is no fixed date as a prediction based on the moon's position only. 

breaking fast
breaking fast

When Ramadan 2021 is expected to start and end in India?

As per astronomical predictions, Ramadan in India is expected to begin on April 12. Nevertheless, the date may change based on the sighting of the moon, which expects on April 11. That means fast will start either from April 11 or April 12. Similarly, Id-Ul-Fitr will also celebrate the sighting of the moon. 

  As per the calendar, Ramadan month is expected to start from April 12 and will end with the grand celebration of ID-Ul-Fitr, which is expecting on May 13, 2021. 


The fasting called Roza starts from post sunrise and ends with sunset. People don't consume food or water during this duration. Before sunrise, they can have food and water called pre-dawn meal and fast is broken after sunset known as Iftaar. They do their prayers five times a day during those days. Their day starts with a prayer called Fajr[dawn], followed by Zhuhr[midday], Asr[afternoon], Maghrib[sunset] and complete with night prayer Isha.  

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