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Rozgar Mela: PM Modi Distributes Over 1 Lakh Appointment Letters and Inaugurates Karmayogi Bhavan Phase I

PM Modi's address and the distribution of appointment letters at Rozgar Mela underscore the government's steadfast commitment to promoting employment opportunities for people.

Shivam Dwivedi
Rozgar Mela: PM Modi Distributes Over 1 Lakh Appointment Letters and Inaugurates Karmayogi Bhavan Phase I (@narendramodi/X)
Rozgar Mela: PM Modi Distributes Over 1 Lakh Appointment Letters and Inaugurates Karmayogi Bhavan Phase I (@narendramodi/X)

PM Modi distributed more than 1 lakh appointment letters to newly recruited individuals in Rozgar Mela via video conferencing today in a significant gesture aimed at increasing job prospects and improving openness in government recruiting processes. The event, marked by the laying of the foundation stone for Phase I of the Integrated Complex ‘Karmayogi Bhavan’ in New Delhi, underscores the government's commitment to fostering collaboration and synergy among various facets of Mission Karmayogi.

Transparent Recruitment Process Ensures Equal Opportunities

Prime Minister Modi congratulated the newly appointed recruits and their families while emphasizing the government's unwavering dedication to providing job opportunities for the country's youth. He acknowledged the detrimental effects of prolonged delays between job notifications and the issuance of appointment letters, citing increased instances of bribery.

Under the present administration, however, the recruitment process has been streamlined, ensuring transparency and adherence to stipulated timelines. This approach has not only curbed corrupt practices but has also facilitated equal opportunities for every aspiring youth to showcase their capabilities. Prime Minister Modi asserted that the government's efforts have instilled a sense of confidence among the youth, fostering a belief in their ability to secure employment through hard work and skill development.

Emphasis on Capacity Building & Innovation

Highlighting the significance of the Karmayogi Bhavan project, Prime Minister Modi underscored its role in bolstering the government's initiatives towards capacity building. The integrated complex is poised to become a nucleus for fostering skill development and knowledge sharing among government personnel, thereby enhancing efficiency and effectiveness in public service delivery.

Stimulating Job Creation through Sectoral Expansion

Prime Minister Modi also lauded the government's initiatives aimed at creating employment and self-employment opportunities, particularly through the expansion of sectors such as renewable energy. The announcement of 1 crore rooftop solar plants, coupled with incentives for households to supply excess power to the grid, is poised to not only reduce electricity bills but also generate employment opportunities on a significant scale.

Recognizing the pivotal role of startups in driving economic growth and job creation, Prime Minister Modi highlighted the government's commitment to nurturing the startup ecosystem. The continuation of tax rebates for startups, coupled with the allocation of a 1 lakh crore fund for promoting research and innovation, underscores the government's resolve to foster entrepreneurial spirit and technological advancement.

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