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SBI ATM Franchise Scheme: Earn Rs.90,000 per month, Know How

There is a need in India for banking and ATM services to reach rural, semi-urban, and remote areas. In such circumstances, establishing the SBI White Label ATM in the banking sector is a great business opportunity. At the moment, there are only 100 ATMs for every 10-lakh people in India.

Kritika Madhukar
SBI Franchise Scheme:
SBI Franchise Scheme:

State Bank of India, country's leading bank, is offering an amazing franchise opportunity to aspiring entrepreneurs to increase the spread of ATMs across the country and earn some good income. Let us look at how this offer can help you earn a passive income of Rs.45,000 to Rs.90,000 per month. 

Why Should You Consider Taking an SBI Franchise Scheme?

There are several reasons why earning money with the State ATM franchise is a good idea. The following are the primary reasons:

  • SBI provides the convenience of 50,000+ ATMs spread across India in rural, semi-urban, and urban areas.

  • SBI has India's largest ATM network, which is rapidly expanding.

  • You can use the SBI Debit cum ATM Cash Plus card to make free transactions at SBI and its subsidiary banks' ATMs.

  • The SBI ATM also accepts Mastercard, Maestro, SBI Credit Card, VISA cards, Cirrus, and VISA Electron cards issued by foreign banks and Indian banks.

  • SBI is a government corporation and multinational statutory authority that provides public banking/financial services.

  •  It was ranked 236 on the list of the top Fortune 500 companies in the world in 2019.

  • It is a government bank that has been voted the country's most stable bank.

SBI ATM Franchise Cost and Details 

The SBI ATM franchise cost and offer include the installation of a suitable ATM or White Label ATM (WLA) from reputed SBI-appointed companies such as India 1, Muthoot Finance, TATA Indicash, and others. TATA is a reputable and well-established ATM brand, as well as the SBI ATM franchise offer's oldest and most dependable ATM installation partner. 

These companies handle ATM installation, while SBI negotiates and verifies the SBI ATM franchise offer.

Profit earned through SBI ATM franchise

The SBI ATM franchise offer is a low-cost investment with the potential to grow into a profitable small business. You can start your own business, rent out your space, and even provide an alternative source of income. The monthly passive earnings can range from 45,000 to 90,000 rupees. This occurs when the volume of ATM transactions ranges between 300 and 500 per day.

The SBI franchise offer pays Rs.8 for each cash transaction and Rs.2 for each non-cash transaction. Non-cash transactions include things like checking your account balance, getting a mini-statement of your account, and so on.

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