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SBI Customers Alert! These Simple Guidelines Can Save You from Cyber Frauds

This article includes the guidelines outlining what SBI customers should and should not do to ensure that their digital transactions are secure.

Kritika Madhukar
UPI Safety: Try to keep your mobile PIN and UPI PIN separate and random
UPI Safety: Try to keep your mobile PIN and UPI PIN separate and random

According to the State Bank of India (SBI), the most common cyber-attacks faced by individuals and organizations are online fraud and phishing attacks. However, Net Banking users are always at risk.

You can protect yourself from such attacks and save money by following these simple guidelines issued by the State Bank of India. According to the bank, customers should remember the following steps while conducting digital transactions.

Security of Debit/Credit Cards:

  • While performing ATM transactions using ATMs or POS devices, be aware of your surroundings. 

  • While entering the PIN, cover the keypad.

  • Always check the legitimacy of e-commerce websites before conducting transactions.

  • Online Banking allows you to manage your debit card transactions.

  • Set a limit for domestic and international card transactions at e-commerce platforms, POS, and ATMs.

  • Always report any unusual requests.

  • Remember that a PIN is only required for transferring funds, not receiving them.

  • If a transaction occurs without your knowledge, immediately disable the UPI service on your account.

Internet Safety:

  • Always look for "https" in the bank's website's address bar.

  • Avoid conducting online banking transactions in public places that have open Wi-Fi networks.

  • When you're finished with your work, always log out and close the browser.

Login Security:

  • Use unique and complex passwords.

  • Remember to change your passwords regularly.

  • Never reveal, save, or write down your user ID, password, or PIN.

  • Remember that your user ID/passwords/Card number/PIN/Passwords/CVV/OTP will never be requested by the bank.

  • To avoid storing user IDs and passwords, disable the 'Auto Save' or 'Remember' function on your device.

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