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Subhiksha Keralam Scheme: Benefits, Eligibility Criteria, Registration Process

The Department of Agriculture and Farmer Welfare has worked for providing services for farmers. Now the Kerala government has also released scheme Subhiksha Kerala Scheme 2021. After that, the government has invited application forms from the interested candidates in this scheme.

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Farmers in Kerala

Farmers have benefited from the various initiatives by Department of Agriculture and Farmer Welfare's & Subhiksha Kerala Scheme 2021 has also been issued by the Kerala government for farmer’s welfare. Following that, the government has invited application forms to those who are interested in taking the benefit of this scheme.

As a result of this, the department has received so many applications in response to its notification. So, here we are, discussing the details of this new scheme.

Subhiksha Keralam Application Form 2021

Subhiksha Keralam Application 2021 online registration has already begun. As a result of this scheme, each enrolled farmer has access to a single personalized dashboard. Farmers will receive both technical and financial aid as benefit of this scheme, which has made their database available online through a portal. This scheme has attracted a large number of people to the agricultural industry.

In addition, this portal can help with agriculture-related activity coordination, collection, and codification. Candidates who are interested in filling out an application form for the Subhiksha Keralam Yojana 2021 can now do so online.

Subhiksha Keralam Scheme Benefits:

An ordinance has been presented by the Kerala Government that includes instructions on assistance related to fallow farming and maximum allowable help for fixed cultivation. In the Livestock sector the subsidy rates have been changed. For e.g. the unit cost of milch cow and milch Buffalo has been changed and now it is Rs. 60,000.

This subsidy amount is 50% for the normal public, for the scheduled castes it is 75% and it is 100% for the Scheduled tribes of state.

Apart from this the subsidy rates for many other different sectors like Cattle Farming, Fodder Cultivation, Poultry, Fish Farming, Cattle Farming, Modernization of Mini Dairy Farms & Kitchen Poultry has also increased.

Kerala Government will work as a facilitator with the public in the form of beneficiaries. Under Subhiksha Keralam Scheme 2021 every platform has a good opportunity to perform well.

The government has also boosted the subsidy rate for modernising mini dairy farms, kitchen poultry, sanitation, fodder cultivation, fish farming, poultry, and cattle farming. The unit cost for mich buffalo and cow has also been adjusted to Rs.60 as a result of the unit cost. The general public receives 50% of the increased amount, the Schedules castes receive 75%, and the Scheduled tribes group receives 100%.

Subhiksha Keralam Scheme Eligibility Criteria 2021

  • To begin, the candidate must be a permanent resident of Kerala.

  • The candidate's name should thereafter be available in the appropriate department's registration list.

  • In addition, the institute applying for this yojana must be registered with the state of Kerala.

  • Finally, candidates applying for this project must register with the Kerala government's responsible department.

Documents Included:

  • Aadhar Card

  • Kerala Domicile Proof

  • Ration Card

  • Address Proof

Subhiksha Keralam Scheme 2021 Online Registration Process:

  • On the home page, click on the New registration option.

  • On the new page appears, click on the "Enter new registration tab"

  • After that, it is necessary to specify if you are an institution, a group, or an individual.

  • Candidates must choose the option for an individual. Then, in the required box, type in your cell phone number.

  • After you enter your phone number, it will perform a verification procedure using the OTP message code.

  • Once you've finished the procedure, a new page containing the registration page will appear on your screen.

  • As a result, you must fill in all of the necessary details, such as the category of work, the person's name, address, cellphone number, the name of the institution, mobile number, the post office under which your region falls, the district name, and so on.

  • As a result, you must fill in all of the necessary details, such as the category of work, the person's name, address, cellphone number, the name of the institution, mobile number, the post office under which your region falls, the district name, and so on.

  • Then, on the next screen, enter the bank data for your account numbers, such as your bank's IFSC code, Branch name, and account number.

  • After that, you must enter your password twice, and you must keep it in order to log in to this website.

  • Finally, select "create user".

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