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Syngenta India Introduces Agricultural Drone Spraying Campaign in Punjab & Haryana, Featuring Incipio Crop Solution, With a Showcase of 100 Drones on Independence Day

Live demonstration using 100 drones, showcasing the efficiency and precision of drone spraying. Over 10000 farmers are to be benefitted from the month-long Drone Yatra in Punjab and Haryana. Syngenta India to have a fleet of 500 Drones across the country this year

Vivek Singh
Syngenta India Introduces Agricultural Drone Spraying Campaign In Punjab & Haryana, Featuring Incipio Crop Solution (Photo Courtesy: Krishi Jagran)
Syngenta India Introduces Agricultural Drone Spraying Campaign In Punjab & Haryana, Featuring Incipio Crop Solution (Photo Courtesy: Krishi Jagran)

Syngenta India orchestrated an impressive display of the significance of drones in the agricultural sector. They initiated a special campaign by deploying 100 drones simultaneously in Punjab and Haryana to apply their advanced crop protection solution, Incipio. This move showcases Syngenta's commitment to pushing the boundaries of sustainable agriculture.

Given the growing importance of drones in enhancing agricultural productivity and empowering farmers, this endeavor aims to educate farmers in Punjab and Haryana about the advantages and consequences of contemporary farming methods. The campaign also seeks to enlighten farmers about the transformative potential of drones in agriculture, encompassing benefits such as improved efficiency, reduced costs, and the promotion of sustainable practices. The Syngenta drone Yantra is currently traversing through Punjab and Haryana with the goal of reaching around 10,000 farmers across multiple districts to enlighten them about the merits of drone-assisted spraying.

Mr Vijender Singh, an Olympic Bronze Medalist in Boxing, who was the chief guest at the event, praised Syngenta India for its commendable efforts in creating awareness about drone technology in agriculture. While applauding Syngenta for this unique initiative, Singh expressed his belief that drones will revolutionize agriculture by generating new job and entrepreneurial opportunities for young individuals. Furthermore, he emphasized how drones will enhance the efficiency of farmers, ultimately leading to improved yields.

The Olympian, with a background in agriculture, praised Syngenta for aiding farmers with innovative technologies like Incipio and Simodis. These products, utilizing advanced PLINAZOLIN® technology, safeguard crops from pests, enhancing yields. They tackle challenges posed by climate change and pest resistance, which cause substantial annual crop losses. Singh, owning lands in Punjab and Haryana, adopts modern agricultural practices.

At a launch event, over 600 farmers from Ludhiana's Macchiwara district witnessed live drone-based spraying demonstrations, showcasing enthusiasm for modernizing farming methods.

Mr. Susheel Kumar, Syngenta India's Country Head, highlighted technology's crucial role in sustainable agriculture. He emphasized Syngenta's efforts in fostering innovation for an eco-friendly future, higher productivity, and income. Mr. Kumar emphasized how technology can address global food demand and environmental issues, ensuring food security and efficient farming.

Syngenta India's ambitious initiative involves deploying 500 agricultural drones nationwide, the country's largest fleet. They've trained 150 drone pilots for support.

Mr. Sachin Kamra, Head of Farmer Centric Ecosystem, emphasized Syngenta's commitment to tech-driven progress. He highlighted drone spray solutions and their success across multiple states. Syngenta's drone technology covered 2643 acres commercially, and the 2022 Drone Yatra covered 17,000 km across 13 states to raise drone spraying awareness. Kamra intends to enhance the drone ecosystem through collaboration, enhancing capabilities, and efficiency. Syngenta India continues driving sustainable, tech-focused agriculture, benefiting farmers and the environment.

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