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This 10 Rupee Note Can Make You Rich; Money will be Directly Transferred in Your Account; Know How

Pronami Chetia
Pronami Chetia
Old Rs. 10 Note

Amid the financial crisis due to COVID-19 pandemic, there is a golden chance for all of you to earn up to Rs 25,000 by selling an old 10 rupees note online. But remember that this Rs 10 note must have certain unique features.

Moreover, many people like collecting antique items, notes and coins. If you are among one of those having this amazing hobby, then there's a good news for you. You can earn upto Lakhs with just a 10 rupee note. If you also have a special category of 10-rupee note, then 25000 rupees will come directly to your account. The most important thing is that for this you don’t have to do anything.

Let's know which type of 10 rupee note can offer you this much amount and make you rich.

Nowadays new notes are found everywhere and old notes are disappearing from the market. In such a situation, if you are the owner of an old 10 rupee note then you can be that lucky person. The 10-rupee note that we are talking about was used in India few years ago.

Moreover, many such notes were used during British India era, which no one may even know now. The Rs 10 note must have a Ashoka pillar printed on one side & a boat on the other side. In addition, it should bear the signature of then governor of RBI, CD Deshmukh and must be written in English language on both ends of the note on backside.

How much will you get?

You can get 20-25 thousand rupees for this old precious 10 rupee note. The good thing is that you can sell this note online at home.

Where Can You Sell These Notes ?

These notes can be sold at a good price from home at Coinbazzar website. And you will get a great price for this note in that. All you need to do is post a picture of the note you have and people who will be interested in it will immediately contact you and give you good amount for it.

Sell your 10 Rupee Note Here;

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