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Use Eco-Friendly Diyas Made from Cow Dung This Diwali

Pronami Chetia
Pronami Chetia
A Fancy Diya On Rangoli

Only a few days left for India’s most-awaited and loved festival of ‘Diwali’, which is also known as the festival of light, joy, and happiness. Like every year, the government and administration are trying to do their best to make this Diwali pollution-free and eco-friendly, which apparently is only half fulfilled in reality. 

The Supreme Court has banned the sale of firecrackers in the entire Delhi and NCR regions. Although many people find the happiness of Diwali incomplete without firecrackers, nothing can lessen your joys in this festival. Today we are going to introduce these women who are making different types of diyas (lamp) made of cow dung in the ‘Gaushala’ and trying to spread a smile, not pollution. 

As per the report, these diyas are being prepared from cow dung, ghee, and essential oil. Reema Anand, a member of the Dhyan Foundation, told that a large part of the income from these diyas goes to the maintenance of cows and feeding them so that the quality of the products from the cow can be increased.

These beautiful lamps are very beneficial not only for the environment but also for your health. Being made of cow dung, these lamps also work together in the soil, that is, instead of throwing away the old Diwali diyas, they can be used as fertilizer.  

Another member of the group, Archie, said that these diyas have also used essentials like Lemon Grass and Mint so that mosquitoes can be shooed away by burning the diyas.  

Meaning that those who argue that mosquitoes should be exterminated by the polluted smoke of firecrackers can also make Diwali mosquito-free by burning these lamps. 

The aroma from these lamps not only lights up the fragrance around you but also removes the negativity surrounding it. Moreover, the fragrance of Lemon, Mint, and Lavender relaxes your nerves and gives you complete comfort. By lighting these diyas, you can light up your Diwali in many ways including make your surroundings eco-friendly. 

For your kind information, this Diwali diyas made of cow dung and pure ghee is easily available in the market in a gaushala away from the city. So there is an option for you to light up your Diwali with these lights, without harming nature and without any pollution.  

This Diwali spread smile, not pollution!!!

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