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Tips & Tricks To Crack UPSC In First Attempt By Top 4 Rank Holders of 2020!

M Kanika
M Kanika
Shubham Kumar (UPSC AIR 1)
Shubham Kumar (UPSC AIR 1)

Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) Civil Services Exam is the most difficult examination in India, which requires a lot of hard work, strong determination and a great strategy to get succeeded.  This is the dream of millions of people, but only few get to achieve it.

These three toppers have cleared all three stages of the most difficult UPSC examination 2020, & they have proved that, if your vision is clear & you have strong determination to achieve your goal, then nothing can stop you from achieving it. 

In an exclusive interview with Krishi Jagran, the Founder & Editor-in-Chief MC Dominic asked Shubham Kumar (UPSC AIR 1) Jagrati Awasthi, (UPSC AIR 2) & Yash Jaluka, (UPSC AIR 4) of UPSC 2020 about their strategies, educational background, routine and future goals.

During the interview session with Krishi Jagran, all three of them have shared their Tips & Tricks, which helped them in achieving their goal.

Below is the Important Tips & Tricks Crack UPSC Examination in first attempt by Shubham Kumar, Jagrati Awasthi, & Yash Jaluka!

Tip 1:

Clear Vision: Yes! Having clarity is important, because a clear vision will points you to exactly what you want to be in your life. Knowing your destination will keep you travelling on the right path, sometimes even if you off track or get lost you will always be able to reset & get back on track.

Tip 2:

Consistency is the Key: You should have patience, as patience is the key to Consistency and Consistency leads to the habits. Habits from actions, we take every day, And, actions lead you to success.

Tip 3:

Positive Atmosphere: According to Jagrati Awasthi (2nd Rank Holder of UPSC), You should always surround yourself with positive people, those who motivate you & encourage you to do better”.  

Tip 4:

Strong Will: Shubham Kumar (UPSC AIR 1) believes that “where there’s a will, there’s way”. Anyone from anywhere can achieve success irrespective of their financial or social status. 

Tip 5:

Faith: Yash Jaluka, (4th Rank Holder of UPSC 2020) Says that “It is important to keep faith in oneself. You should have faith in your capabilities. You should believe in yourself, you should have confidence to take action & get things done

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