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Tomato Price Hike Causes Death of Two People in Karnataka

Abin Joseph
Abin Joseph
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The rise in the prices of tomatoes has actually been a source of problem for many people. With tomato prices touching sky-high prices of Rs 160/ kg which is way higher than the price of petrol for a litre, however, now it has also led to the death of 2 people indirectly. 

Ashwath (50), a native of Charakamattenahalli hamlet in Chikkaballapur's Gowribidanur taluk, grew tomatoes on his 1-acre plot. As the hike in prices of Tomatoes had actually led to a lot of thieves attempting to steal tomatoes from the fields, hence the farmers in the community found it increasingly difficult to protect their crops from robbers as prices skyrocketed. This led Ashwath to erect an electric fence around his property to protect his harvest. 

Vasanth Rao (28), a cowherd from the same hamlet, got into touch with the electric fencing and died from electrocution. The word of the tragedy had spread like wildfire by the next day and Vasanth Rao’s enraged family hurried to find farm owner Ashwath. 

Unaware of what had occurred, Ashwath was relaxing on his farm when the enraged throng assaulted him, injuring him severely. Villagers hurried him to a neighbouring hospital, but he died shortly after. SP GK Chikkaballapur It is unlawful to build live electric fences surrounding farms, according to Mithun Kumar. “But, to protect their crops especially tomato several farmers in the district have used electric fences. I have also requested the BESCOM officials to prevent people from erecting electric fences. These fences are known to kill not just people but cattle as well.” 

Tomato prices increased by 142 per cent year over year in November, according to Crisil Research, and are expected to grow for another 45-50 days. 

From October through December, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, and Maharashtra are major tomato producers. However, standing crops in Karnataka (105 per cent over normal), Andhra Pradesh (40 per cent above normal), and Maharashtra (22 per cent above normal) have been destroyed by excessive rains, reducing supplies. 

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