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Top 10 Profitable Lockdown Business Ideas

What businesses can start from home in a lockdown period with a low budget?

Swati Sharma
Money Making Ideas

Latest Business ideas: If you want to earn good money then the best time is during the current lockdown. There is massive potential for work from home business as people want to have doorstep delivery as they cannot move out. You can do many businesses sitting at your home during the lockdown.

Best business ideas during lockdown

Check out these latest business ideas that will help you earn good income; 

Bread Business 

You can go ahead with bread production if you have little idea about how to make it; it can generate good profit by delivering the bread to the doorstep in a pandemic situation. 

Scented Candles Business 

To keep positivity, many people love to use nice fragrance candles. It can make it at home with a meager investment. Once you have enough stock and designs, you can start selling them online. 

Garden decoration 

Suppose you are also one of the garden lovers, then you can choose to start garden decoration accessories. There is a high demand for garden accessories in the market, and it can also start from home with a low budget. 

Bakery Items 

If you have an excellent talent for baking cookies, muffins, cakes, etc., then this business is good to start immediately. People are looking for untouched products these days, which you can ensure to bake your products at home with complete hygiene. 

Gift basket business 

Baskets are being used in every festival and occasion like weddings, parties, Diwali, etc. you can make beautiful baskets at home and deliver them to several gifts and fruits shops. 

Painting & Graphing Business 

Are you a born painter? If yes, then it’s a great business to start. You can coordinate with Hotels and other offices where hand-made paintings are in great demand. You can also sell them online, and later you can arrange an exhibition. 

Plantation Business 

Terrace gardening, home plants are very much in demand as it brings positivity at home. You can plant saplings at home and sell them online or at local stores. 

Smartphone Accessories business 

Smartphones ha changes everybody’s life in today’s time. More than 95% percent of people have smartphones in India, and that’s why the demand for smartphone accessories is excellent in demand, such as tab cover, mobile cover, etc. You can start customized phone accessories from home and earn a good profit. 

Kitchen Products 

Women love the kitchen most in the house as she decorates her kitchen the way she wants, and she doesn’t like anyone’s interference. You can make many kitchen decorative items at home such as utensils, stands, boxes, etc. 

Incense sticks 

You can contact temples to collect the flowers and make incense sticks at home. This way you will earn a profit, and it’s environmentally friendly as well. 

Herbal Soap 

Herbal soaps are very much in demand as women are very much aware of today’s time and like to use natural products. You can sell the herbals soap in your society, at local stores, and online as well. 

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