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Union Fisheries Minister Rupala Opens Global Climate Conclave on Marine Fisheries

Union Fisheries Minister Rupala on Tuesday addressed the Global Climate Conclave on Marine Fisheries.

Aysha Anam

Union Minister of Fisheries Parshottam Rupala inaugurated the global conclave on mainstreaming climate change into international fisheries governance in Mahabalipuram at 9 a.m. on Tuesday. "The Indo-Pacific Ocean region is a shared responsibility of all the countries sharing the border, making it a sustainable habitat for all living creatures," said Mr Rupala. 

He further mentioned that PM Narendra Modi has been taking steps to curb climate change since the time he was the chief minister of Gujarat.

Leading marine scientists, policymakers, and high-ranking government officials from 16 regional fisheries bodies in the Indo-Pacific region covering 80 countries attended the meeting, including Bangladesh, Maldives, etc. India’s developmental, research, and policy initiatives for climate-resilient marine fisheries were presented during the inauguration of the conclave. 

Climate-Resilient Fisheries Development

Organised by the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO) in collaboration with the Department of Fisheries, Govt. of India, and the Bay of Bengal Programme Inter-Governmental Organisation (BOBP-IGO), the conclave seeks to develop guidelines for climate-resilient fisheries management and formulate strategies for the integration of climate change into international fisheries governance.


India's Preparedness for Adapting to Climate Change

The conclave also featured a workshop exclusively to discuss India's preparedness for adapting to climate change in marine fisheries. This workshop will encompass discussions on the current status of climate change impacts on marine fisheries in India, steps taken to address these impacts, gaps and limitations in knowledge and techniques, and actions needed in the short and long term.

In addition, it also featured presentations on cutting-edge research advancements in building climate resilience in the fisheries sector, preparedness of coastal communities, and knowledge sharing and capacity development for climate-proofing marine fisheries in the BOB region.

Union Minister of State Dr L Murugan delivered a special address and Dr Dr. Abhilaksh Likhi, Union Secretary, Department of Fisheries delivered a keynote address.


Vulnerable to Climate Change

“The Indo-Pacific region is highly vulnerable to climate change, leading to adverse impacts on marine fisheries. These effects range from the increased frequency of extreme weather events to the threats of flooding, erosion, and sea-level rise.

By fostering and executing strategies to adapt to climate change, this region can effectively safeguard the sustainable management of marine fisheries and the livelihoods of the millions of individuals who depend on them”, said Dr P Krishnan, Director, BOBP-IGO.

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