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Union Food Secretary Allays Concerns, Assures No Shortfall in Wheat Production

Sanjeev Chopra, the Union Food Secretary, stated on April 6 that the government does not anticipate a shortage in wheat production.

Shivam Dwivedi
Union Food Secretary Allays Concerns, Assures No Shortfall in Wheat Production
Union Food Secretary Allays Concerns, Assures No Shortfall in Wheat Production

According to Sanjeev Chopra, the nation would "probably end up with the same figure of 112 million tonnes of production or, in the worst case scenario, there will be a negligible drop in the production" in response to allegations that some states' wheat crops had been lost owing to harsh weather.

According to Secretary Chopra of the Department of Food and Public Distribution, there have been occasional reports of wheat crop losses in Punjab and Haryana as a result of unfavourable weather, but this year's expected shortage is minuscule. States are putting together the reports; there will be a very, very small loss in wheat production. We have not yet received the report.

The secretary emphasized that temperatures have dropped over the previous two weeks and that high temperatures are not expected over the following two weeks. Therefore, he continued, "These are very favourable at this stage of the cultivation." We are expecting this in regions like UP (Uttar Pradesh) and Bihar, where the weather actually benefits this specific crop a lot, where harvest has not yet occurred.

So, while there may be a small output loss in Punjab and Haryana, which is currently predicted, the benefit we'll have in the yield in other parts of the country, particularly in the places where there is late sowing, Chopra added. Therefore, we find that we would probably wind up at roughly the same number of 112 million tonnes of production, or in the worst-case scenario, there will be a minor decline in the production, he continued.

After speaking with the state government and the department of agriculture, we feel that this specific objective is attainable and are anticipating that procurement will speed up. "With regard to the procurement, we have a target of 342 lakh tonnes of procurement for this particular rabi," Chopra said.

"Our estimates for sugar production are about 386 lakh tonnes," added Chopra. We are expecting a small shortage in Maharashtra due to some unknown factors, and it could decrease by 2-4 lakh tonnes. The secretary stated that a committee in the department of consumer affairs is keeping an eye on the situation with pulse prices and edible oil pricing.

He noted that the price of pulses is often range-bound and said, "We have not witnessed any sudden surge in recent days. The system established by the department of consumer affairs is quite effective. Prices for edible oils are likewise quite consistent. None of the edible oils, such as groundnut, mustard, palm, or soyabean, have experienced a noticeable increase in the preceding few months."

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