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Union Minister Nitin Gadkari Joins MFOI 2023 Awards as Guest of Honour, Uplifting Indian Farmers to New Heights

The Millionaire Farmer of India (MFOI) Awards, organised by Krishi Jagran, received a significant boost as MC Dominic, the esteemed Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Krishi Jagran, along with Managing Director Shiny Dominic, had a fruitful meeting with Union Minister Nitin Gadkari at his residence on Monday evening.

P. S. Saini
Union Minister Nitin Gadkari, Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Krishi Jagran MC Dominic, Managing Director Shiny Dominic, and Group Editor and CMO Mamta Jain (R-L)
Union Minister Nitin Gadkari, Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Krishi Jagran MC Dominic, Managing Director Shiny Dominic, and Group Editor and CMO Mamta Jain (R-L)

The purpose of the meeting was to seek Union Minister Nitin Gadkari's support and involvement in the prestigious Millionaire Farmer of India (MFOI) Awards ceremony that recognises and celebrates the exceptional achievements of Indian farmers.

Mr Dominic, a visionary in the field of agriculture, and Shiny Dominic, the driving force behind Krishi Jagran, had the privilege of discussing the MFOI Awards and their vision for transforming the agricultural landscape of India with Minister Nitin Gadkari. During this engaging conversation, they highlighted the significance of the MFOI Awards in elevating the stature of farmers and fostering sustainable practices in the agriculture sector.

Recognising the immense potential and impact of the MFOI Awards, Union Minister for Road Transport and Highways Nitin Gadkari expressed his wholehearted support for this transformative initiative. Impressed by the commitment of Krishi Jagran to empowering farmers and promoting innovation in agriculture, the Minister graciously agreed to extend his support to the MFOI 2023 event as the Guest of Honour.

The presence and endorsement of Mr Gadkari further solidify the MFOI Awards as a platform that commands attention and respect from the highest echelons of government and industry. His support will not only elevate the prestige of the event but also inspire farmers across the nation to strive for excellence and embrace sustainable practices.

The MFOI 2023 event, scheduled to take place from December 6 to 8, 2023, in New Delhi, is poised to be a historic gathering of agricultural pioneers, influencers, and international representatives, with his presence adding an exceptional touch to the proceedings. The event will provide a remarkable platform for farmers to showcase their achievements, network with industry leaders, and explore new avenues for growth and prosperity.

Krishi Jagran, the driving force behind the MFOI Awards, expresses its heartfelt gratitude to the Union Minister for Road Transport and Highways, Nitin Gadkari for his invaluable support and belief in the vision of transforming Indian agriculture. The collaboration between Krishi Jagran and the Minister's office signifies a shared commitment to empowering farmers and driving sustainable development in the farming community.

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