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University of Agriculture, Karnataka will soon have Board of Governance System

Prity Barman
Prity Barman
Deputy CM Dr. CN Ashwatha Narayana
Deputy CM Dr. CN Ashwatha Narayana

The University of Agriculture will experience major changes soon, and the Board of Governance structure will be implemented in Karnataka by autonomy, according to Deputy Chief Minister Dr. CN Ashwatha Narayana, who also holds the higher education portfolio.

He said that the university's institutional, academic, and financial systems would be totally updated in the vein of Vishweshwaraiah Engineering College, speaking at an award presentation ceremony organised by the Alumni Association on the Hebbal Veterinary College campus.

According to him, the new structure would be applied to ensure more transparency in the selection of higher-ranking officers, free of political interference and nepotism.

The government reportedly spends Rs 30 crores a year to run an engineering college and Rs 1,200 crores to run an IIT. He also announced that the government wants to invest Rs 150 crores annually to build the Vishweshwaraiah engineering college. 'The farming acts recently adopted by the central and state governments are farmer-friendly,'Narayana said, adding that he comes from an agricultural family.

The transactional cess levied on farmers has been lowered from 1.5 percent to 0.60 percent (60 Paise). At the policy stage, agritech and the use of biotechnology in agriculture are being encouraged. Climate, soil structure, and rain prediction are all being studied and measured using modern technologies.

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