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UP Farmer Sunil Kumar Orders Buffalo Online, Falls Prey to Online Buffalo Scam

Sunil Kumar, a Rae Bareli dairy farmer, faces a milky conundrum after an online buffalo order takes an unexpected turn.

KJ Staff
The scammer emphasised to Sunil Kumar that the buffalo is pedigree and yields 18 litres of milk per day. (Picture Courtesy: Pexels)
The scammer emphasised to Sunil Kumar that the buffalo is pedigree and yields 18 litres of milk per day. (Picture Courtesy: Pexels)

In a bizarre turn of events, Sunil Kumar, a dairy farmer hailing from Rae Bareli, Uttar Pradesh, found himself ensnared in a peculiar online scam involving the purchase of a buffalo from Kisan Bhaiyya Dairy Farm. The incident sheds light on the risks associated with online transactions, especially in the agricultural sector, where trust is paramount.

UP Farmer Faces Online Encounter After Buying Buffalo Online

Sunil Kumar's foray into online buffalo buying started when he stumbled upon Kisan Bhaiyya Dairy Farm's details on the internet. Intrigued, he reached out to Shubham, a Jaipur-based businessman associated with the farm. Shubham, aiming to seal the deal, even went the extra mile by sending a video of the buffalo, emphasising its pedigree and an impressive daily milk yield of 18 litres per day.

Online Buffalo Market Trap Unfurls

With promises of a high-quality buffalo, Shubham quoted a price of Rs 55,000 and requested an advance payment of Rs 10,000. Trusting the authenticity of the transaction, Sunil Kumar promptly transferred the initial amount. However, when the expected delivery did not materialise, alarm bells started ringing.

Buffalo Order Extortion Game

Surprisingly, when Kumar contacted Shubham, the latter demanded an additional Rs 25,000 for the buffalo's release, leaving Sunil in a quandary. Sensing foul play, the dairy farmer resisted making any further payments. To add insult to injury, Shubham blacklisted Sunil Kumar's number, further obstructing any communication.

UP Farmer Takes Legal Action

Feeling duped, Sunil Kumar promptly filed a complaint with the local police, narrating his ordeal. The incident highlights the vulnerabilities faced by farmers when engaging in online transactions, emphasising the need for increased awareness and safeguards in the e-commerce landscape, particularly in rural areas.

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