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VANDEBHARATAM-Operation AragaPetha-Helping Distressed Ash gourd Farmers of Thirthahalli

Dr. Lakshmi Unnithan
Dr. Lakshmi Unnithan

Entrepreneurships have been linked at best on par with farmers in the midst of anxiety and paranoia of COVID- 19, to wipe the farmer’s unending tears. The story about the Thirthahalli farmers Petha is an example. Art of Giving, VANDEBHARATHAM –is the last stage of Operation Araga Petha. VANDEBHARATHAM is the last link of the entrepreneur linking with marketand to the consumers.

Organizations Mission

Vandebharatham’s activity focus is to build a common –Robust platform to compliment more transparently all the meaningful, Citizen, Societal centric activities by the true service minded individuals from different segments of the society, government and non-government institutions.

The Mission rose to solve the problems of Ash Gourd Farmers in distress .The total number of Ash Gourd Farmers suffering in and around Thirthahalli is around 250.Total number of Ash Gourd produce was around 2000 tons. Ibbani Food Industries came forward for their rescue and converted Ash Gourd to Agra Petha Sweet.

The Product Highlights are that this was manufactured using traditional Process. No preservatives, no chemicals were used and shelf life is supposed to 6 months. The product is rich in dietary fibre, VIT B, C and Calcium. This helps in maintaining Blood Pressure.

Statistics reveals I Kilo Ash gourd is equivalent to 250 gms of Sweet. Minimum produce by a farmer is equivalent to 10 tons. 5000 Kilo of Sweets saves 2 Farmers.

The Proposal is to join hands in helping farmers in distress and market this cause to all the citizens.

Action Plan

The Way forward is to identify SOPC form all the Apartments /RWAs. Collect Preorder for the week by Wednesday through google forms. Saturday would be delivery. The cost of the Sweet is 250 gms at Rs 75, 500gms at Rs 150 and 1 kilo would cost Rs 250. Let us support and help this new Venture to become a success.

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