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Do you know What the Royal Family Gift Each Other on Christmas?

Abha Toppo
Abha Toppo
British Royal Family

The members of the Royal family are famous for their profligate lifestyle. The family is often in news - for their public appearances, personal relationships or for enjoying festivities in their majestic way. While many of you may wonder how the Royal family celebrates Christmas, it will be surprising that the family altogether has a very different tradition.

There are many people who think that the Royal family welcomes the festivals with luxurious gifts for each other, however, the family has a very different tradition when it comes to Christmas. As per the reports, the Royal family has an old tradition of giving each other gag gifts during Christmas.

The Royal Christmas basically ritual involves giving each other nothing fancy or expensive but funny gifts to spread happiness and joy in the entire palace. In 2017, the British tabloids had reported that the new member in the family, Meghan Markle gifted the Queen with a singing hamster. It left her in madness and reportedly, the corgis also tried to take it from her.

On the other hand, Prince Harry apparently gave his grandmother a pretty funny gift shower cap that said 'Ain’t life a bitch'. Isn’t this thoughtful and something that we had not expected. Other silly gifts that have been exchanged over the years as said by The Mirror includes a leather toilet seat that was given by Princess Anne to her elder brother Prince Charles as well as a leopard print bath mat that Princess Diana gifted to Fergie.

Moreover, every year on the Christmas Eve, members of the royal family assemble at the Sandringham Estate where they exchange gifts with each other following the afternoon tea. The entire royal family including - Queen Elizabeth, Prince Philip, Prince William, Prince Harry and everyone else take part in the traditional gift exchange ceremony on Christmas Eve rather than Christmas Day, following their German ancestry.

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