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Now You can Enjoy Packed Dosa in Multiple Flavor

Chander Mohan
Chander Mohan

Dosa has slowly become a popular as well as all-time favorite snack.  You can enjoy it at breakfast, lunch or even at dinner.  It is generally served with hot sambar, stuffing of potatoes and coconut chutney. 

Have you ever heard about the flavoured dry dosa? Certainly not. In today’s fast life, people work 24x7 in the metro cities. They don’t have time to cook or prepare food.  They prefer ready-to-eat foods and definitely they would love ready-to-eat dosas as well. 

The desire of consumers was fulfilled by Kanpuria Brand - Shri Archit Kasera of Noida. They offer flavoured Dry Dosa for the consumers. The dosa is a baked or cooked on COAL SIGRI and is 100 percent natural without any preservative. There are 8 flavours of this Flavoured Dry Dosa which are as follows: Chilli, Cheese, Panipuri, Pizza Cream & Onion Schezwan, Manchurian, Pudina and Tomato. More over the product is certified and approved by the FSSAI 22718926000339. 

The entrepreneur had displayed their innovative product DOSA in the Indus Food Expo in Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh.  

In view of the consumer taste of Golgappa, Pizza, Manchurian, Onion and tomato, the Kanpuria brought the 8 flavors suiting all types of consumers – right from kids to ladies to the old-aged.  People can keep this dosa for more than thirty days.   

As per Wikipedia, dosa is a type of pancake   originating from the Indian subcontinent, made from a fermented batter.  It is somewhat similar to a crepe  in appearance. Its main ingredients are rice  and black gram . Dosa is a typical part of Southern Indian  and Sri Lankan diets but is now popular all over the Indian subcontinent .

We are sure you would like to order the packed dosa in the flavour of your choice. Interested can see the Krishi Jagran You Tube Channel for more information on the Innovative Dosa.  

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