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Try These 10 Delicious Dussehra Recipes This Festive Season

Ayushi Raina
Ayushi Raina

The festival season is just around the corner. In the Indian epic The Ramayana, Dussehra commemorates Lord Rama's victory over Ravana. The tenth day of Durga Puja is also known as Vijayadashami, and it commemorates Goddess Durga's victory over the unbeatable demon Mahisasura. Many Hindus across the country cook delectable meals and gather together with family and friends to celebrate the completion of a nine-day fast.

Aside from that, people also burn Ravana idols to commemorate good triumphing over evil.

If you are organizing a Dussehra get-together at home this year, we have compiled a list of scrumptious foods that you should try making at home.

Chholia Paneer Rasedaar

Paneer pieces infused with a fragrant mixture of spices, including chholia, khoya, turmeric, and coriander. This hearty curry will have your guests craving for more.

Pindi Chane

Spicy chickpeas and potatoes mixed in a variety of masalas for a flavor explosion. A festivity would be incomplete without the traditional pairing of Pindi Chole and Bhature or Lachcha Paratha.

Black Channa and Sweet Potato Chaat

This Dussehra, offer a tangy sweet potato and chana chaat to your guests to make the evening extra memorable.

Soya Murtabak with Tomato-Lemon Sauce

Here's a vegetarian twist on the classic Murtabak dish. It's simply a soya-stuffed pancake that's a filling and tasty option for a small gathering.

Raw Papaya Kebabs with Aloo Bhukhara Chutney

Shredded raw papaya and potatoes are moulded into exquisite kebabs. Why would anybody want to miss out on these kebabs with delicious plum chutney flavored with star anise and black pepper!

Paneer Kundan Kaliyan

Cottage cheese slices cooked in a yogurt-based sauce with onions, tomatoes, and traditional whole spices. This meal is completed with traces of garam spice and dried rose petals, which add a delicate flavour. Give your guests a flavorful surprise during Dussehra by serving a new dish.

Peach and Paan Koftas in Korma Sauce

If you're looking for something out of the ordinary, Peach and Paan Koftas in Korma Sauce are your best choice. To create a spellbinding fragrance, beautiful betel leaves are wrapped around luscious peaches filled with a medley of spices and nuts. Its euphoric flavor will remain in your senses.

Khoya Tarts

Instead of desi Indian mithais, go for small dessert treats. This delicious dish uses a hearty combination of condensed milk, khoya, and ghee to create gorgeous tarts. These are topped with bananas and cinnamon powder sprinkled on top. Isn't that mouthwatering?

Phirni with Fresh berries

Why not indulge in something delicious to commemorate the occasion? This Phirni, a delicious rice pudding topped with seasonal berries, is the ideal way to cap off your Dussehra party.

Nachni Barfi

Hello, chocolate lovers! Dussehra chocolate barfis are just what you need to make. This fast and easy dish will have you wanting more than one serving.

Comment below which recipes you liked the most!

Dusshera Greetings!

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